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Saturday, 23 February 2013

SHINee’s Wonderful Day Eng Sub

Heyyaa..Today I would like to share with you regarding my new favourite reality show. He he! Who loves SHINee? (I do =p) To Shawols, after Shinee's Yunhanam, Shinee's Hello Baby and World date with Shinee, SHINee is actually come out with a brand new reality show called Shinee's Wonderful Day!

What is this show all about?? Well..I can say that this is like a documentary show/program. Each one of them had the opportunity to choose and visit any country that they like to go for a vacation. Anyways, Onew had chose Thailand, Jonghyun visited Japan, Minho and Key both went to England and Taeminie visited Switzerland. They're having this break/holiday separately. o.O And of course, their experiences and activities there being recorded on camera. =)

Only 3 episodes being aired so far but the show only started with the 2nd episode. If, I'm not mistaken, the first episode is only an introduction regarding Shinee's members. So, no subtitle for that I guess because I couldn't find any, yet. But I've already watched the 2nd episode and I find it interesting!! =D I think I'm gonna keep watching it whenever new episode being broadcast. I've just googling and the english sub for the 3rd episode has already out on youtube! 

So, I will provide the link of the episodes here if you wanna watch with me! *wink* ;)
*All credits goes to MBC SHINee Wonderful Day, the uploaders,individual subber, and the subbing team. Thank a lot for your hardwork ;)


  1. Hai friend how are you? Do you like SHINee? SHINee just finished Music Bank concert In Jakarta. i watched it. And i love Taemin. because his really cute.

    1. Hey hun! I've been a lil bit busy these days. So sorry for this late reply. How are you doing? =) . Yea, I do like SHINee a LOT back then after watching Hello Baby season 2, SHINee as the parents. Then I started to search for their songs and really adore their dancing, etc etc. I still like them now anyway but not as much as the old times. Hehe. Taeminie is such a cutie but obviously he's gradually change now, from cute little boy to a cute guy. I like all of them but maybe I'm more to Onew. I love his voice especially when he sings " I'm Yours", the Jason Mraz song.