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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Cyberjaya Flyover Collapsed - HUH??!

Yesterday while surfing the net, I realized that something about bridge near Cyberjaya is trending. What happened? So after reading some articles, I found that a flyover near Selangor Science Park 2 collapsed yesterday (it's in a highway btw). Luckily no one was hurt. Alhamdulillah. =)

It's kinda shocking news to my brother because he lives in Cyberjaya and yes, we used that highway a lot but to be exact, we didn't use that flyover lah because it's being closed for repair works since last year. I've been going back and forth from Kedah/Shah Alam to Cyberjaya since 9 years ago as I was schooling in Cyberjaya but this is my first time hearing something bad happened in Cyber. *Hurm*

These are the photos of the collapsed flyover~
Flyover collapsed

Flyover collapsed

Flyover collapsed
Credits to NSTP/Irham Noor. You can read NSTP full article HERE

Both PKNS and PLUS have contrary statements regarding which 

party is responsible for this incident. Me don't know either. But I 

hope this problem can be settled quickly so that no more harmful 

event will happen later. Kan??

And.. my brother and I will be going back to Cyberjaya tonight. 

Hurmmm.. Hopefully we will have a safe journey as usual. Pray for

us. =)

Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash - Me Got Invited!


Thank you sooo much NUFFNANG !! Love you so much! Well, yesterday an email from Nuffnang popped into my inbox saying that I got invited for Nuffnang's 6th Birthday Bash. Weeee~ I guess I'm so lucky! XD

I haven't decide yet what clothes I wanna wear, how I'm gonna do my hair, which whom I gonna go with. Since I can bring my partner along, I'm not sure who I should go with.*inilah masalah org takde boipren* Hurmmmm...well...... *pk sambil kunyah Skittles*..... Maybe I should ask my older brother to go together-gether, or maybe I just drag my friend a.k.a my lil brother. He's in need of socializing, perhaps he might find a new girlfriend there. Kihkih. =) *hopefully he doesn't has any show to do this weekend* . Another thing that I'm worry about is my facial skin.. ='( *hukhuk* My skin was badly damaged due to allergies of choosing the wrong product last 2 months and now my face is still full with acne scars. Adoii.. very depressing lah! Okay, okay don't let this problem spoil my mood.

To Nuffnangers, if you read this entry, please say hi to me. I just started blogging and I don't know any other Nuffnanger yet. Ouh, only Kak Sumi has dropped a comment to me the other day.  I hope to meet her soon, and other Nuffnangers as well ;)


Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Fun FAT Burner Exercise

Hey Hey Hey! Okay, let me catch my breath first.. *Phew*. Guess what?? I'm just finished working out! Yes, in the middle of the night. This is my favourite time to exercise. Hehe. I'm sweating like a LOT right now and I feel great! But my tummy still buncit.*Dang* =| 

Last week I guess, I found a dance workout on youtube and it seems like fun, easy and simple. I read the comments as well and most of people giving good response regarding the routine. So I decided to try it out! And...damn!!! I like it so much! It doesn't make me feel exhausted at all and yet I'm sweating after finishing the whole video till the end. The duration is only 10 minutes. I went for 3 rounds for my first trial, then 6 rounds and tonight I've just finished doing 7 rounds of this workout. I can still continue to make it 10, but i feel sleepy right now.. LOL, need to get shower sumore after this.

To those who want to try an easy and simple exercise yet really effective to burn your calories and fat then pleaseeee try this workout. Okay, I quoted this from the video description,           

"Fat-Burning Funk Dance Workout is a dance-inspired cardio 

workout that is designed to burn fat, boost metabolism, sculpt the a

abs, and tone the entire body. Legendary Trainer, Denise Austin."

This is the video!
Credits to BeFit and the trainer, Denise Austin

Besides this, you can also find other kind of workouts uploaded by

BeFit such as Burn Fat Fast: Cardio Workout and Denise Austin: 

Ultimate Fat Burn Workout. Wuuu the second one seems 

interesting to me. But I'll try next time. I feel soooo sleepy right 


Try this workout and bye!~

p/s: jangan lupa sertai My First GiveAway Contest 2015 kalau nak menang set kurung untuk raya haji ni ;)

Monday, 25 February 2013

Product Review: Oxy 10

Today I'm up with another entry regarding product review ;)  Since I had a pretty baadd experience from choosing a wrong product that end up my skin having pimples, I've tried so many other products to get my precious skin back (LOL) . Ouh, you can read about my bad experience HERE.

So, one of the products on market that I've interested into is Mentholatum Oxy 10. Here it is!

Sorry for providing you with a blurry picture =(

I guess lotsa people also know about Oxy products. As you can see on the packaging, Oxy 10 is an acne pimple medication with a maximum strength. 

How does it works?
1. It kills bacteria that cause pimples(membunuh kuman dan bakteria punca jerawat)*mcm ayat dlm iklan je*
2. It helps dry up excessive oil. (mengeringkan minyak2 berlebihan di muka)
3. It helps unclog pores. (membantu mmbebaskan liang2 tersumbat)
4. Easy to use. Vanishes upon application. (yg vanished upon application tu kurang setuju sebab bila pakai muka comot mcm pakai bedak sejuk sbb krim nye color putih =p )

How to use this product?
1. Wash skin thoroughly and dry well.
2. Shake well before using. (tak shake pun takpe kot, mcm takde function pun nak goncang2)
3. Dab dab dab on Oxy 10 into oily acne pimple areas of face and neck. (using cotton bud)
4. Apply once a day first, then twice a day or as directed by a physician.

Oxy 10 acne pimple medication contains 10% Benzoyl Peroxide to treat more stubborn pimples. If you are aware that your skin is sensitive towards Benzoyl Peroxide, then of course please don't try this product. Also to people who haves sensitive skins, do "test for sensitivity" first before totally using it. You might also purchase Oxy 5 if you think Oxy 10 is too strong. The choice is in your hand. Choose wisely!

My opinion regarding this product
Actually I'm still confused whether to classify this product work well with me or not. It does give some effect, when you apply it to your face, it makes the area feels dry. Meaning that it dries up the excessive oils that cause pimples. I think it works really well with normal pimples or bigger pimples. The pimples will gone in 2-3 days. But it doesn't work so well with small pimples. (In my situation, I have more small pimples and some parts vanished quickly, some parts don't). And, I guess it does leaves acne scars on your face =( . However, if you have problems with acne, then this product should be one in your list to try out. It easy to find this product sumore, just go to Guardian or Watson!

I would rate this product with 3.8/5

p/s: jangan lupa sertai My First GiveAway Contest 2015 kalau nak menang set kurung untuk raya haji ni ;)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

SHINee’s Wonderful Day Eng Sub

Heyyaa..Today I would like to share with you regarding my new favourite reality show. He he! Who loves SHINee? (I do =p) To Shawols, after Shinee's Yunhanam, Shinee's Hello Baby and World date with Shinee, SHINee is actually come out with a brand new reality show called Shinee's Wonderful Day!

What is this show all about?? Well..I can say that this is like a documentary show/program. Each one of them had the opportunity to choose and visit any country that they like to go for a vacation. Anyways, Onew had chose Thailand, Jonghyun visited Japan, Minho and Key both went to England and Taeminie visited Switzerland. They're having this break/holiday separately. o.O And of course, their experiences and activities there being recorded on camera. =)

Only 3 episodes being aired so far but the show only started with the 2nd episode. If, I'm not mistaken, the first episode is only an introduction regarding Shinee's members. So, no subtitle for that I guess because I couldn't find any, yet. But I've already watched the 2nd episode and I find it interesting!! =D I think I'm gonna keep watching it whenever new episode being broadcast. I've just googling and the english sub for the 3rd episode has already out on youtube! 

So, I will provide the link of the episodes here if you wanna watch with me! *wink* ;)
*All credits goes to MBC SHINee Wonderful Day, the uploaders,individual subber, and the subbing team. Thank a lot for your hardwork ;)

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Beauty Product Review: Daiso Charcoal Mask

Heyyyaa.. Today I’m gonna do a review on a popular product which is Daiso Charcoal Mask! Or in  BM,  it’s topeng arang keluaran Daiso (Japan) =p . It’s a peel off mask. I guess lotsa people know about Daiso. If our local shop got “kedai 2 ringgit”, Daiso is a “kedai 5 ringgit”. Meaning that Daiso outlets in Malaysia are selling products for only RM5 of each item. They’re selling lotsa items, from stationeries, kitchen items, toiletries, beauty products, make up, etc etc etc. My friend said they even sell shirts/clothes for cats. But I guess not all outlets have similar items. I’ve tried to find it at Aeon Jaya Jusco Seri Kembangan (Daiso Japan situated beside Post Office inside the mall) but I couldn’t find any. Too bad, no shirts for some cats that I know then. Huhu.

Alright, as usual, after googling and reading reviews about it, I decided to buy Daiso Charcoal Mask. Fortunately, while bbm with a friend of mine, they said they’re heading to Setia City Mall which got Daiso outlet there. So I asked them to buy it for me. =D Since it only cost RM5, my friend didn't want me to pay for it. I insisted to pay but she resisted. Wuuuu free stuff again! =p. Thanks Shikin! I love you! *muahx*

I’ve tried this product several times already, I guess this is the right time to do a review on it. Okay, let’s begin with the introduction of the product.
This is the product that we're talking about ;)

“Formulated with the natural ingredients from Oak trees, it removes oils and all dirts and deeply clean the pore, leaving your skin clearer with less visible pores”, as stated at the packaging. Basically this product helps to remove blackheads, whiteheads, and tighten pores.  =)

How to use
Well, there’s instruction on how to apply this mask at the back of the product as you can see in this picture. 

But I will provide you with extra information on how to apply this.

1. Clean your face using warm water. (to open pores)

2. Steam your face. (ambil 1 mangkuk air suam ala-ala panas, tutup mata, letak muka kat dalam mangkuk tu. Haha. Ini betul)

3. Dry you face.

4. Apply this mask (it’s a black liquid) on the nose area or on the entire face. It is recommended to apply it with a thick layer. As people said thin layer wouldn't give much effect.

5. Wait till it totally dried. As you can see on the instruction given, it stated “let it dry for 10-15 minutes”. But from my experience, it only dried out after 30 minutes or more.

6. After completely dried out, peel it off slowly starting from bottom towards the top. Some people say it is so painful while peeling it off. But don’t worry, it’s not that PAINFUL. Chill ;)

7.Wash the remaining mask that stick on your face. Use cold/normal water as it will helps to close your pores.

8. Done! (boleh laa anda belek-belek dekat topeng yg dah ditanggalkan tu, ada bendasing melekat tak disitu dan kemudian sila belek muka anda di cermin. Ada perubahan atau tidak? =p

My opinion regarding this product
I don’t really love this product nor hate it. It doesn't really effective on removing blackheads on my nose and unclog my pores around the cheek area. But I think it’s kinda effective on removing whiteheads, oils, and facial hair. Another point is that, it leaves my skin feeling fresh and become smooth after using this. =)

Will I repurchase this? No :)

I would rate this Daiso Charcoal Mask with 3/5 

p/s: jangan lupa sertai My First GiveAway Contest 2015 kalau nak menang set kurung untuk raya haji ni ;)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Happy 6th Birthday, Nuffnang!

It’s only been a month since I started blogging and joining Nuffnang.  I think I’m like their cutie new born baby. Kekeke. Well, obviously I am a noob in this blogging world and I’m grateful that Nuffnang and Nuffnanggers have been a great help to people like me. Why am I saying so? When I have anything that I’m curious about, just send a ticket to them and they will answer it within a just short in time! Same goes to the Nuffnangers, they provide us with good infos and tips on blogging in their entries. When we leave a comment and asking them something that we’re not clear enough, they will always reply with good answers =)

Yesterday I’ve received an email from Nuffnang regarding their 6th Birthday Bash Party. Woa, I think it sounds so cooollll. I don’t even know that this kind of exciting event being conducted by Nuffnang every year. Btw, Happy Becoming 6th Birthday Nuffnang!! *clap clap*.  

After doing some reading on nuffnanggers’ entries regarding this event on previous years, I know that a lot of benefits we can gain by joining this birthday partayy. Since we will gonna meet top bloggers and also nuffies, we’ll be able to ask them for some tips or even asking for ideas to be a better blogger. It’s like learning while having fun!! Sounds exciting, isn’t it? ;) order to get the invitations for the partay, what we have to do is to follow these simple steps provided by Nuffnang HERE. Andddd Nuffnang want us to share our favourite music album. Yeayy!! I’ve always been a great fan of music! (just look at my previous entries, most of them are music and entertainment related..hehe =p ). 

Therefore, my all-time favourite music album would be~~~~~~~~~
B2ST (Beast) - Fiction and Fact Album

01. The Fact
02. Fiction
03. Back to You
04. You
05. Freeze
06. Virus
07. 불러보지만 (Though I Call)
08. 비가 오는 날엔 (On Rainy Days)
09. Lightless (Unplugged Ver.)
10. Fiction (Orchestra Ver.)

Why I love this album and why this album is my all-time favourite?

1. "Fiction" song and the MV is like a masterpiece. The song and the idea of the MV is brilliant. Just take a look at their MV and the lyrics, together with the sad melody, plus with a unique dance routine. Everything is amazing!

2."On Rainy Days" is another great song! Still a sad song, even though they're a pop group but they can sing ballad really well. Their live singing is daebak! (damn good). And you can feel the sadness when they deliver the song. They're such a professional!

3. "You" makes me smile whenever I listen to it. I feel happy while listening to it. That song makes me feel like I wanna sing it when I found someone that I like. Hehe ;p

4. Overall, I love this album as there is a mixture between pop dance as well as ballad songs. It suits me very well as I'm a fan of both genres. For me, this album is a perfect album and I really really really adore their voice. =)

Now, let's move on to my 5-track Deezer list for Nuffnang's birthday party!

Haih, I have so many favourite songs! I'm so confused right now which songs that I’m gonna include in my playlist. Since I’m a purely Asian-hearted person *heh*, I’m gonna choose Korean song as well as Malaysian songs. =D But I really have a hard time choosing the best 5 tracks. I really like Beast and G.NA but I guess it’s unfair if I don’t include Malaysian songs as well. @_@ I hope they will pick me and my playlist will be featured in the DJ’s playlist!! *DJ putarkanlah playlist saya….lalala* credit to VIP - Lagu Sedih .

Here they are, my top 5 favourite music that I want to be featured in the partayy..!

1. Siti Nurhaliza – Falling in Love
2. Mizz Nina feat. Colby O’Donis – What You Waiting For
3. Beast (B2ST) – Beautiful Night
4. G.NA – Top Girl
5. 4Minute – Hot Issue

 And I already shared this playlist on my facebook and my twitter ;)

 To lovely and handsome Nuffies, please pick me if you think I'm deserved and please give me the opportunity to meet you guys and other bloggers of course..plish plish plish *puppy eyes*. He he 

p/s: I want to personally thank Nuffnang for introducing me to Seriously I'm in love with this website because I can listen to G.NA's full albums. Hehe =D

Monday, 18 February 2013

Running Man Ep 133-146 [Eng Sub]

Woaa.. is damn fast you know. English subtitle for Running Man Episode 133 is already out!! I kinda sleepy and thinking of going to bed but suddenly I feel like wanna check whether the subtitle is out or not. I thought the subtitle would available tomorrow  but this website is really super fast. I think I'm gonna watch it right now. This episode might be interesting as the title is "Running Man Asia Race" as they filmed in Macau and Vietnam. So, let's watch together-gether! ;)

Just click the link below and join me watching this =)

Beauty Update: Tips to Lose Some Weight

Helloooo. Right now I would like to share a couple of ideas on how to lose some weight. This is just based on my experience and also some tips I got through my reading on related articles.
So…are you ready? Let’s rock this idea and lose some weight!! Teheee =D

Fast food is a NO-NO
Everyone loves fast food isn’t it? We got lotsa nice and dellllicious fast food around us. I guess everyone knows that fast food contains lotsa calories and fat. Semua org tau tapi saje buat-buat tak tawu kannnn… Hehe. Since we cannot avoid eating this tasty food, what we can do is reducing the amount of fast food that we take every week. Eat LESS fast food! If you eat it 3 times a week, then change the habit! Just eat once or twice a week. Practice yourself till you will be able to eat fast food once in 2 weeks, once a month or even once in a year (possible or impossible or it just doesn’t make any sense?? o.O)   Kihkihkih.. =p

Junk food is a NO-NO too
When we’re feeling boring or while watching TV we tend to find something to eat. I knowww…life can be so borrring sometimes and junk food became our best friend. Don’t make friend with them. Just stay away from them! They are bad for our body, brain, health, and even make us putting some weight. Instead of eating junk food, you can eat low-fat yogurt, vegetables, fruits or other low fat/ less calories food.

Vegetables and fruits is a YES-YES
Change your habit of eating junk food by eating vegetables. To those who can’t eat veggies, then you can eat fruits or baby tomatoes or baby carrot (Ouh, forgot. They are veggies too -_-) Hehe. Eat this regularly. You don’t have to eat theseee every day. But at least please put those on your list, try it out and get used to it. Then you will find eating them is fun actually. Huhu ;p . Ah, another thing is, eat fruit instead of drinking fruit juice unless you blend it by yourself. Then it is allowed. Why am I saying like this? It is because fruit juice that you order at the restaurant, or mamak or in arab restaurant (big-size fruit juices are famous in Arabic restaurant in Cyberjaya) contains LOTSA sugar. Same goes to air kotak or a bottle of juice that you get from mart, contains lotsa calories as well.

Eat a big meal before noon
The more you eat in the morning, you then to eat less in the evening. (Hopefully). Plus, since you eat earlier, you have more opportunities to burn off those calories than you do to burn off dinner calories. This is because we will be walking around to go to work, while doing work, and walking to for lectures for students. To be short, because we are active in a day time and it will be easier for the calories of the food we ate before to be burned away~~

Eat spicy food. Ngehee (optional)
    Eat spicy food instead of eating butter and creamy food. And spicy thing will turn up your digestive fires, causing the body to burn more calories and spicy food also helps reduce your appetite. I read this through an article before and I guess it does make sense.  If you can’t eat spicy food, then don’t follow this idea.

Brainwashed your brain
Say something positive to yourself and repeat the phrases like a mantra all day long. Hehe.. Mari bermantera semerah padi! Have positive thoughts like “I can lose weight”, “I can have nice body”, “I will go jogging today”, “I believe I can fit a S-sized top” “saya yakin saya boleh kurus slim mcm erra fazira n che ta dalam primadona”, “saya yakin saya suka makan sayur”, “saya yakin saya boleh gayakan hidup yang sihat” (so poyo n cliché..haha!!)  , “I know I can resist sweet drinks” , and so ooonnn. Try this and they will become their own self-fulling prophecy. Kinda cool.

Jogging is a BIG YES
The easiest way to lose weight is by jogging. If you’re afraid to jog outside as you will get sunburned (like me), then you can go to the gym or buy yourself a treadmill (tak mahal la pulak kan? Haha). But jogging will really help you to lose so much weight in a short period of time. Trust me!

This is what I always do when I feel like I’ve put some weight. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not dancing in the club. Hehe. Because I never go clubbing, what I mean is a choreographed dance. Just go on youtube, then you can find dance tutorials for any songs that you like. (Especially k-pop songs, =p ) . You will be sweating like, A LOT even when you only follow the routine for seconds. I’m not lying or joking. This is soo true and works well with me. =DD

This is only tips or ideas on how to lose some weight. You can try one or couple of these if you think it is useful but if it don’t, don’t blame on me. Hehe  =p

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Beauty Product Review: Pixy Compact Powder

Urghhh..Actually for this past few months till now, I'm not really in a good mood. >.<  Why?? Because my precious face has turned into a monster. Hah!! *not a monster of course but I feel reallyyyy bad for my facial skin*. Ouhh ='( . I used to have a flawless skin (yeaa...rrrrightt) but now... everything is ruineddd...I feel like it's the end of the world for me..Wuuu T_T.. Ok, stop, I'm just being overreacted. I'm sorry, maafkan saya. -_-

The truth is, I am lucky to have a good skin since I was born. (only that my skin will easily get sunburned if I didn't cover my face with sunblock and I will automatically looks like a niggar..hohoh =p). Alhamdulillah. Thanks a looottt to my mum who bought and provided me with a good skincare product since I was in form 4. And I never failed to repurchase their sunblock product since then. As far as I remember, I only have acne problem during my  high school year, form 3- form 4 I guess. And it wasn't really serious..just small pimples on forehead and normal stuff for a teenage girl. o_O

Past few months, I guess 3 months ago, I suddenly notice that pores around my nose became visible. So, I went googling to search about suitable product to buy. Basically I found nothing *sad* but I found a product that has great reviews. Everyone is like talking about that product saying that it is the best product ever, just type the name of the product and lotsaa nice reviews about it popping out. It is a compact powder which gives a best result on make up with a very reasonable price. It is said that even artist, make-up artist, mak andam, pak andam, mak ayam, bapak ayam, anak ayam also use it and it is one of ppl's recommended items as it gives a result like branded make up products. 

Therefore, I think why don't I give it a try since lotsa people telling how good this product is and it's cheap sumore. It's time for me to get prettier with a new compact powder.. yeayy! (that is what i was thinking at that time after getting boring using Silkygirl or Maybelline compact powder all the time since high school and what more, the one that I purchased were always the cheapest one among all *aiyoo-so-kedekut*). I were then right away went to Guardian and purchased the product. I went home happily as I bought a new make up with an imagination that I will become prettier. Kihkih. 

Tadaaa.. this is the so called popular compact powder in Msia. HeHe. The price is below RM20

Okay, the story is actually begin here~~~ After using it for a while, 3/4 small pimples came visited my face. I guess it wass because of the environment factor, from dust specifically that caused it. So, I think it will go away after some time as usual. And I found that, that compact powder does not really cover my pores. I went to Guardian again, to find something that can cover my pores, like a primer (couldn't find it there) or maybe a foundation (I never purchased any real foundation). After looking around, I saw a new packaging of the same compact powder that I had purchased before. It's gold in color and looks like it is an upgraded version. So I end up buying the refill one because it's cheaperrr of course. (Why am I purchasing the same product after all? Me myself don't know why this happen, maybe because I had been brainwashed by reading those fantastic reviews of that product back then). I still believe that this product will help me to look better!!

It looks glamour and like a branded product isn't it? I like the new packaging. The price is around RM10.

Time passed then I realized that I get facial rashes..Macam ada ruam-ruam kecil di muka tu..I was kinda shock because that was my first time having that kind of thing on my face. I thought it will go away later on but I was wrong. Haih. The rashes then became pimples. It attacked all over my face. I already changed and also purchasing other products to reduce the problem. But it stays the same and suddenly I realized that the only thing that I didn't stop using is..............the compact powder!! I went googling right away using the keywords like "pixy compact powder menyebabkan jerawat (caused pimples)" . Then this one thread came out and I read every single thing on that thread and I came into a conclusion that, the cause of my problem is that compact powder. Silly me, only realizes about it after months! Looks like I was really being brainwashed. It has to be noted that, only really few unlucky people having this problem with the product.

Most of people on the thread still saying that the product work best on them and be careful while purchasing because the problem might came from fake/expired product. They mentioned that if purchasing at Guardian or Watson, then it is genuine. The thing is, I bought it at Guardian and the manufactured date was the same year I purchased it. To conclude, the product really does not go well with my skin. My skin have to suffer from this allergy. Poor me ='( . This is what we call, "salah pilih ouh!" Hehehe.

Right now I've stop using it and no more pimples coming out but still I have to wait for the scars to vanish! My older brother said that my facial skin looks like I'm having a chicken pox. What the..........In conclusion, always think negative first when you buy new products. When you think negatively bout it, then it makes you more aware and you will be able to detect if the product doesn't suits you. If it gives you good results, then you can continue using it. =)

I want to stress that, our skin reaction towards any product is different from other people. Even though I have baddd experience with pixy, most of other people enjoy using it. So, you can try purchase this product as it is cheap but the smart way is that you can buy the refill pack first because it's way cheaper. Hehe. Then, always give attention to your skin from day to day. If nothing happen to your bare face, then you have nothing to worry about! 

p/s : I'm still hoping my skin will go back as before ASAP. Acne scars, please go away!! God, please give me my beautiful and flawless skin back. Amin. *praying*

another p/s: I already found a product that will reduce pore size. Will share with you later. =D

p/s: jangan lupa sertai My First GiveAway Contest 2015 kalau nak menang set kurung untuk raya haji ni ;)

K-POP Star Hunt Season 2

Erul and Ereene were the contestants from Malaysia ;)

Alright, I've just finished watching KPSH Season 2 couple of days ago. I watched the whole episodes as for this season, Malaysia being included as one of the countries that they had chosen to do the audition for that reality show. The judges for the show are not ordinary people from Korean music industry, they are the presidents of CUBE Entertainment and also CJ E&M Company. 

To those who don't know......Cube artists include BEAST, G.NA, 4Minute, A Pink, BtoB and so onnnn. So in the 9th episode of that show, the contestants were given a task to do a mission song with BtoB members. For CJ E&M, they are the biggest Media n Entertainment Company in Korea. So, I would say that the contestants of KPSH are very lucky to have great opportunity of seeing the presidents each week.

The winner of this season is a contestant from Thailand, named Ling Ling and Erul from Msia won the second place with a difference of 1 point from Ling Ling's. The third place goes to Philippines' Sheila.

To those who want to watch this with english subtitle, you can take a look at these 2 youtube channel, ENJOY! ^_^

Saturday, 16 February 2013


Hehehehe...Suddenly I decided to write about B.A.P . Yah! Another K-updates! kekeke.. Well, I don't really know this group, I don't even recognize their faces and their names. But I fall in love with one of their songs. Hehe. It is called Rain Sound. Actually the song popped out while I was reading someone's blog back then. That was my first time hearing this song. Then, I look into the playlist right away to find out whose song is that. The song is nice. But the story ends there. =p

Few days ago, a friend of mine (he is a msian-pop artist, he can dance really well =p) gave me this one youtube link. Of course I take a look at it and it was a song cover actually, of a new B.A.P song called "One Shot' . I really really really like that cover, it really made my day and make me feel damn happy..haha! Because of that, I suddenly recalled about "Rain Sound" and started to search for the MV in youtube. I keep watching it (with eng sub) for several times and was immersed into that video (soooooo like me -_- ) . It is a sad song and the MV successfully make me feel like they are all in pain and sorrow T_T .
Okay, for their new song "One Shot" , I just watched the MV hours ago and I was like, 'woww!~'  The MV is like a movie. The song is very cool-charismatic-gangster-like. For me, it is a real cool. Of course I still prefer ballad songs that suits more to my heart (such as Lee Seung Gi songs) but for another genre of song, a black-dark-hiphop-style, B.A.P is one of the best I think. Nice nice.

Alrighttt.. now it's time for me to share with you those MVs that I keep chit chatting about~~~

1. Rain Sound - my fav B.A.P song

2. One Shot - their latest song, they should just make a movie of it =p

3. This is the "One Shot" song cover that I'm talking about. I do think this is the best cover, pls don't blame me if you don't. Credit to EXO-K - MAMA also =ppppp

4. Lastly, this is a video of a friend that I've mentioned above. He was in a dance group (RE-DO) before debuting as a singer in an established group called VIP. His name is Amen (the one on right at the beginning of the video, wearing a cardigan)  =D
( Dance cover - Infinite's Paradise, MBLAQ's It's War, B.A.P Warrior )

Monday, 4 February 2013

Running Man Ep 131 [Eng Sub]

This is gonna be a really QUICK entry! Guess what? Running Man ep 131 is out now with english subtitles! Yeayyy!! I'm so excited right now. I'm gonna continue watching it after publishing this entry. Sometimes it took more than 2 days for the english sub. But I'm kinda surprised right now because the sub is already out. Kshownow. net is damnnnn fast. Hehe.. So bye bye! I'm gonna watch that episode now. 

Click the link below if you wanna watch with me =p 

Friday, 1 February 2013


Suddenly I feel like wanna write about CN Blue. Again, another updates of K-Entertainment. Hehe.. Btw, I am not a die hard fan of CN Blue and I don't even have any specific group that I am really obsessed with. Basically I will like them because of their music/songs. For me, CN Blue and Beast always come up with songs that suit my taste. I always adore their songs. Beast's ballad songs are totally the bomb! I maybe come up with Beast entry later later on as I like most of their music but today let me share about CN Blue first ;)

To those who don't know, CN Blue is not a pop band. So they are not in K-Pop genre. They are a rock band. So they are K-Rock maybe? hahah . They sang pop rock songs as well btw =D The band consists of 4 young men and even though they look matured and like a pro on stage, all of them are actually younger than me. *sad* . The lead vocalist, Jung Yong Hwa (he is also an actor) was born on the same year with me but still I'm older  =| Another interesting fact about them is that not only they can play instrument well, all of them can also sing well. Even the drummer can sing and has a soft sweet voice. Heartstrings drama OST "Star" was sung by him.

Alright enough, now I'll share some of CN Blue songs that I like. I think their music is creative and catchy ^_^

1. I'm a Loner - Sorry I couldn't find any live performing video of this song that has english subtitle -_-
2. Love 
3. Love Girl - sweet catchy song ^_^
4. I'm Sorry - This is their latest song released on January this year. Cool song.

Of course there are other nice songs by them but I guess I've shared enough already. Lasly, introducing CN Blue's new label mate, Juniel. She was debuted last year. She's cute, talented, n can play guitar well. Just like her seniors, CN Blue n FT Island. Take a look at her acoustic live~
Juniel - Bad Man

Beauty Product Review: Body Shop’s Vanilla Perfume and Body Lotion

Today I’m gonna do a review on Body Shop products. Actually I've tried several of Body Shop’s products. I like all of them! Maybe because I’m a huge fan of sweet and fruity scented fragrance and BS products offer the most beautiful, fresh, sweet-scented smell ever. I do love all of them!

In this entry, I’m gonna talk about my FAVOURITE fragrance ever in BS lines which is their VANILLA EAU DE TOILETTE and VANILLA BODY LOTION.

 I am totally absolutely in loveeee with this product especially the body lotion. Basically, of course both of them have similar scent but I think that the body lotion smells a bit more delightful. The smell is like an aroma therapy for me. I feel calm and happy when I smell them. Moreover, what I like about the body lotion is that the sweet-scented smell lingers on the skin all day long! For the perfume, if you spray it on your clothes, the smell will stay for days until you wash them. ^_^

The only thing that I hate about the body lotion is that it doesn't soften my palms. Sometimes my palms get dry when I use it ='(  But it did moisturize other parts of my body. =)

Ah, forgot bout the price. Don't worry, they are very affordable as it comes with a small packaging. RM 49.90 for Vanilla EDT perfume (30ml) and RM 39.90 for Vanilla Body Lotion (200ml). Not really pricey at all isn't it? =D

I would rate this product with 4.8/5  (0.2 been deducted for making my palms dry) 

Last but not least, I found some additional information regarding perfume and would like to share it with you! And you can read the full article by clicking the link below.

Try these trendy scents: 
The latest fragrance trend for both men and women is oud or sandalwood, which can be found in many new fragrances such as 
Creed, Tom Ford and Bond no. 9. A safe bet? Vanilla and fruit scents: According to Phillips, many men enjoy a perfume that reminds them of their childhood: a time that was uncomplicated and sweet. She suggests finding a scent with warm vanilla notes, like Angel by Thierry Mugler. One man told us that he loves the fruity perfumed products from Victoria’s Secret, however, you should be careful not to combine too many sweet scents. “The worst thing a girl can do is put perfume on and then different scented lotions. I don’t want my girl to smell like a tanning bed.” We couldn’t agree more — use scented body products sparingly.


p/s: jangan lupa sertai My First GiveAway Contest 2015 kalau nak menang set kurung untuk raya haji ni ;)