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Sunday, 17 February 2013

K-POP Star Hunt Season 2

Erul and Ereene were the contestants from Malaysia ;)

Alright, I've just finished watching KPSH Season 2 couple of days ago. I watched the whole episodes as for this season, Malaysia being included as one of the countries that they had chosen to do the audition for that reality show. The judges for the show are not ordinary people from Korean music industry, they are the presidents of CUBE Entertainment and also CJ E&M Company. 

To those who don't know......Cube artists include BEAST, G.NA, 4Minute, A Pink, BtoB and so onnnn. So in the 9th episode of that show, the contestants were given a task to do a mission song with BtoB members. For CJ E&M, they are the biggest Media n Entertainment Company in Korea. So, I would say that the contestants of KPSH are very lucky to have great opportunity of seeing the presidents each week.

The winner of this season is a contestant from Thailand, named Ling Ling and Erul from Msia won the second place with a difference of 1 point from Ling Ling's. The third place goes to Philippines' Sheila.

To those who want to watch this with english subtitle, you can take a look at these 2 youtube channel, ENJOY! ^_^

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