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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Eat Eat At Street Cafe Korean Food Subang

Hoh! Been MIA for such a lonngggg time. A lot of things to be shared as usual but no time + too lazy to type it on. Haiyo. Apela. So, from now on I decided to make a quick review on everything I wanna share. Even though it might seem boring but at least I can make a time to blog it, isn't it? Rather than keep it like pekasam for months. Enough blabbering around, let's talk about Street Cafe.

Alright, there are 2 locations for this restaurant. One inside Sunway Pyramid mall and the other one in Subang Jaya. If you prefer to have a spacey, comfortable, and relax environment, you might go the one in Subang Jaya.

Another important point that I have to share is that. This is a Halal restaurant. To those k-pop and k-drama lovers who are muslims and dying to eat Korean food like spicy rice cakes (ddeokbokki), jjajangmyeon (black bean sauce noodles), ramyeon, kimbap, etc etc etc, this is the place for you! They have a lot selection of food that you see in those dramas and k-show. Hehe! Yeayy! XD

Jadi, enough talk. Let's see what did I eat at Street Cafe. ^_^ Ouh first lemme share you the decorations and the surroundings of the restaurant.

Wooden chairs and tables. 2-tingkat restaurant. I prefer eating at the floor above. I need my privacy though, ceyh =p

Also there are other options of dining set up here. One of it you can eat duduk bersila if you want to. This is kinda interesting also and have more privacy. What else? At the dinding, you can conteng whatever you wanna write. They won't scold you. Can even draw a graffiti, if there is still a space though. =p

Now.....let's take a look at the fooodddddddd~~~

Tadaaa!!!!! XD .  Alright enough dramatic intro, scroll down for the description. =p

This is my favourite dish here. Saba fish or something? Forgot the name but I bet this is mackerel fish but it's delicious! And this set come out with free drinks. This is my fav meal but fyi I never ordered this one. I'd let other people order this so that I can try other menus. Lol XD

This is Jjangmyeon! Black bean sauce noodles it is! The one you can see those in K-Drama! Haha. Always wanted to try this. At last, dapat jugak makan khennn. (tp tak habis pun -_- , muak2)

This is how we eat. Must mixed2 it together. For me it's a so-so meal but I'm still feel happy being able to try this. And eagerly want to try other menus later on.

This is kimbap. Those who don't know, it's kinda similar to sushi but in a bigger size and they use pickles (cucumber pickles) instead of fresh cucumber. This is my favy also but sometimes I find it kinda sour. Huhu =)

These are the side dishes. Korean food are known for their side dishes isn't it. So all set came with this of course. Kimchi, korean sauce, pickles.

Last but not least, thanks Oppa for this! =p My tummy is very the happy being able to eat nice and delicious food. XD

So, so interested to this place? Can go to the one in the Sunway Pyramid or to their own restaurant in Subang Jaya, at the Asia Cafe area, the restaurant is in front Taylor's College and look for this white signboard. ^_^

p/s: jangan lupa sertai My First GiveAway Contest kalau nak menang set kurung untuk raya haji ni ;)

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Eating At KulCats Barrio, yeah!~

Em Em..I should review this supposedly long time agooo. But I'm being such a lazy bum =p . So today I'm gonna do a QUICK review on this restaurant. Kinda famous restaurant. Lotsa kinda well-known people are lepaking here. More like hoppers restaurant. If you've been to Joe's Barber (Joe Flizzow's barber shop), the feeling kinda the same. It's a yow yow feeling. LOL XD

So last month if I'm not mistaken, went there with my brother and our friends. The place was crowded and full with people. So we have to wait for like half an hour to get the seat. Actually, we don't fancy this kind of crowded place. But it's okay. Since we're already there, why don't just give it a try, right? 

We got our seat around 10 pm but unfortunately the kitchen was already closed. Too bad for us, isn't it? However, since we have a great connection (cewah) with one of the chefs there, we can still order some meal for dinnerrr. Only pasta can be ordered to be specific -_-

Sokayy.. as long as we can eat after waiting for quite some timee. Heh.

This is my meal. This is Aglio Olio Breadcrumbs. It's my first time trying Aglio Oglio. So I'm not so sure how does it supposed to taste like. But it's spicy! LOL. I feel like wanna try it out since I watched a K-Drama entitled "Pasta" years ago. In that drama, they cook all kind of pasta and their seafood Aglio Oglio looks so yummy. But I was fooled by it. -_-. I don't wanna try it anymoree!! Okay, just being overreacting. This meal is fine but doesn't suit me. I would give my credit to the baby tomatoes anyway. =p . So this meal cost me RM 16.

Okay, this is simply delicious! I love this Classic Carbonara but cannot eat a lott of this. If not you will feel likee....urghh..muak (banyak songeh la). But it's yummy yummy. This meal cost RM 22. =D

This is Meatball Spaghetti. A nice meal as well. Sedap! The tomato sauce wasn't too sour, it's jusstt nicee. This meal cost RM 20. =)

For drinks, mianhe (sorry) for not providing any photos of it. That's because I haven't purchased my Note 3 yet (=p). What kind of reason is that?? LOL. Well the reason is because all of them so kedekut, didn't want to lend me their mobile phones. So I couldn't take photos whenever I like, get it? Huhu. But no worries, this is the list of our drinks that night. ;)

Iced Peach Tea - RM 7
Iced Lychee Tea - RM 8
Gorilla Vanilla - RM 9
Kulcats Volcano Milo Smoothie - RM 9

Hmm.. Overall this is a nice place to hang out with friends. This place seems like always full with people all the time especially on weekends. But if you don't like crowded places and prefer a relax environment, don't go there! Haha.

This is their address and contact anyways~

Kulcats Barrio
35 Lorong Rahim Kajai 13
Tmn Tun Dr Ismail
6000 Kuala Lumpur

03-7733 3420


p/s: jangan lupa sertai My First GiveAway Contest 2015 kalau nak menang set kurung untuk raya haji ni ;)

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Jom bantu Kamal Affandi Hashim!!

Tengah usha2 facebook tadi, ternampak kawan share 1 blog entry ni. Blog Mazidul TV3 tu. Tajuk entry beliau macam familiar sebab ada sebut pasal Kamal Affandi? Sape encik Kamal ni? Beliau merupakan penganalisis jenayah. Agak terkenal. Selalu masuk tv dan selalu bagi ceramah di merata tempat.

Saya pun pernah jumpa Kamal Affandi ni beberapa tahun lepas. Lebih kurang 7-8 tahun lepas masa dia datang sekolah saya, Sekolah Seri Puteri Cyberjaya untuk bagi ceramah keselamatan. Orangnya energetic dan kelakar. Banyak tips2 yg berguna dan byk ilmu yg dikongsi tentang cara2 mengelak jenayah which is very very useful especially to us, girls. He's such a nice guy. 

Pernah dgr juga sebelum ni yang kebelakang ni beliau ada sakit2 yg berkaitan congenital. Beliau di sahkan mengidap penyakit AVM, lebihan urat di kepala menyebabkan beliau menanggung sakit kepala yg tahap kritikal  Masalah yg timbul, syarikat2 insurans memang tak akan cover penyakit macam ni. Jadi kos pembedahan memang kena tanggung sendiri. Walaupun sakit, beliau masih lagi aktif memberi ceramah, berkongsi ilmu sambil mencari dana utk pembedahan beliau dgn hasil usaha sendiri.

Dari pembacaan di blog Mazidul, jumlah terkumpul sekarang RM 2430, memerlukan lagi RM38,000 utk beliau melakukan pembedahan. Jika 38,000 rakyat Malaysia menderma RM1 seorg, insyaAllah beliau dapat melakukan pembedahan secepat mungkin. Itu harapan kita.

Untuk yg ingin membantu, ni merupakan akaun bank beliau: Kamal Affandi Hashim - Public Bank 4007 85 2927

Selebihnya anda boleh membaca di blog Bersama Mazidul.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

3 Tips To Have A Niceeeeee Day =D

Oh nooo oo oo.. I've made a promise to keep updating my bloggy at least 1 entry per day but I broke the promise. Aduh duhh. Forgive me bloggy. I work and sleep, work and sleep, work and sleep till I don't have the energy to write. Huhu. I feel sleepy right now btw. I should be sleeping right now before off to work later but I guess I should come out with 1 entry at least before that. Huehue =p

I have a looootttt of things to share and to blog about actually. But for tonight, let's just have this topic since I don't have much time to spare on my lappy right now. So, I want to share some tips that I've experience.

Instead of just hoping that we're gonna lead a nice and great day everyday, what things that we should do to really have a nice day?~~~

1. Listen to your "inspirational song" before head off to work/lectures/classes 

You know that we have wave all around us, isn't it? I mean everything around us creates waves. Not only wifi or bluetooth, human body itself creates wave. I believe that inspirational song has its own positive waves. When you listen to the melody and the lyrics, you'll feel happy, you'll feel inspired, you'll feel energetic, you'll feel goodddd. When you have those things in you, automatically your body will create a positive wave. Ouh, dalam erti kata lain, badan kita akan mengeluarkan aura positif. Haaa. That's the line! When you have positive aura lingers around you, this aura will effect those people around you as well. It means they will feel your positive aura. They will automatically treat you nicely because the aura triggers them to have positive attitudes towards you. If they are nice to you, you will deal with nice situations everywhere you go, then you will absolutely having a nice day. Simple, isn't it?

I've experienced this and what can I say is...daebakk!! It works! Hehe. And I'm in a good mood the whole day since all things go smoothly. Hehe. Before that, I keep listening to a song that I feel attached to. I feel inspired listening to the song. I don't know the lyrics at first because it's a korean song. I know this song through the drama, Dating Agency Cyrano. When I hear the song, the melody is like when you are down, it's ok, you will shine soon, you will get better soon. That was my first impression when I listen to the melody. And after take a look at the lyrics, it's kinda a bit similar lah but it's about love lah basically. Hehe. But my ex said he thinks it is a sad song when listen to it but I said nooo. It's a positive song. LOL. Whatever it is, people are different, so find you own 'magic song' !!! =ppp

This is my "magic song" for the time being. Hehe. *take note that I always change my preference* LOL

2. Smile, smile and smile

Okay okay, I'm gonna tell this beforehand, actually my purpose for updating this entry is basically to talk about the 1st point only (you know the waves, positive, aura thingy one above). But it kinda weird if I put my title "1 tip to have a nice day" for this entry. LOL. 1 tip? A tip? Ape tu? Hahah. Ouh, I can change the title to "A secret to have a nice day", kan? Apelaa. Haha.

Since we are already this far, so let's just continue with the plan A lah. Jadi, point no. 2 and no. 3 would be very very simple one lah. This smiley thingy is also related to waves lah I believe. If you smile to people you will convert the positive aura towards the people. Even they might not smile back to you at that time, believe me, your smile triggers their heart. Cewahhhh. Macam nak mengorat org pulak. But it's true! Especially if you like that person, smile at him/her thinking that you are the prettiest and comellest girl ever. He/she will think the same. That is the after effect. LOL! *btw don't get mad at me if this doesn't working, just think that he/she already has someone else they like* Hoho. ;)

About smiling at your crush tu is an additional tips actually. Basically you have to smile to all people okay? =)

3. Starts you day with Bismillah..

This point is specially for Muslim. Yep, I guess we all know that we have to recite "Bismillah hir Rahman nir Rahim" before doing something. Kan? But we always taking it for granted since it's very easy and simple. But it's actually effects our daily lives a lot. Things that you do will become easier and lighter if you recite this beforehand. In other words, this is like a therapy for us.

So! Recite "Bismillah" 21x before you start your day (before keluar rumah/semasa keluar rumah/semasa tgh panaskan enjin kete). Annddd.. recite "Bismillah hir Rahman nir Rahim" before you doing ANY things. Hehe.

Done! This is my own tips that 100% writen by me. I don't google this. This is 100% based on my experience. If you are compatible with this tips then I believe you will get the same results like me. But different people different ways. BUT this is something you can try before you find yours.


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Eating at Piccadilly.. yummy n cheap2~


Last Saturday night was great! Eating time with siblingzz. To be accurate my brother and I had dinner with our friends which preferably I would call them as our siblings. Hehe. Yummy food with lovely people. Love that! ^_^

 With lovely younger sista, Mimi. But she called me "adek" on the other hand. =.=. Pic was taken by my brother using his Lumia 920 outside our house before take off. The photo is pretty nice even though it was taken in low light area. Hurm, Nokia is still the best! I guess??? Hehe =p

Here we are! At Piccadilly! Beside me is my biological brother. We do look alike, aren't we? Haha. Waiting for Maen and Lulu to arrive while looking at the menu. (is it? it's more like looking and concentrating at our mobile phones -_-) Too bad didn't snap Maen and Lulu photo. Lulu is my another sista, she's our big sista but physically the smallest among us. LOL 

Jeng jeng jeng! 1 Monte Cristo for me! Photo taken using Note 2 (standard mode I guess). This meal is categorized as sandwiches. Since I already had nasi kandar in the afternoon and ayam penyet in the evening, so I decided to eat sandwich for dinner. Pretty good choice I believe, it's tasty and  the portion was just nice for my full tummy. Hehe. As you can see, the gardenia-look bread was dipped and fried with egg while inside the bread, there are chicken ham and cheese. Served together with salad and french fries. Eat those with chilli sauce, is a must for me! Okay, this meal cost me...only RM 5.90! For this kind of presentation, I bet it's cheap compared to other western restaurants. I had Iced Peach for my drink which cost me RM 3. It's just canned peach fruits put into iced water. LOL. Simple but refreshing though. =)

This is Mimi's. Photo taken by iPhone 5. Looks yummier isn't it? Hehe. I've tried it, one bite, it's yummy! Totally my style. Nomnom. This meal is called Baked Seafood. I don't really know what's underneath the mouth-watering cheesseeslurp but this meal is nice as a snack. Baked Seafood cost RM11.90 btw. ;) For drinks, she ordered something like a hot cup of tea I guess which is called Hot Earl Grey, cost RM 2.50. come the real meal of the night! This is what we call the fine dining you knoww.. (imitates Leticiacia from the youtube sensation =p ) . This is my big brother's meal. Of course this is what we expect he would order. LOL. Photo taken using Lumia 920 and I have to admit, the photo looks really niceee. Okayy.. This is Lamb Shoulder Chop with blackpaper/mushroom sauce. Or you can have both sauces like this photo. Served together with french fries and veggies. The lamb is delliciouss, no doubt but the veggies too salty for me. But it's ok, it's forgivable. Hoho. This meal cost RM 15.90 and Fresh Orange for refreshment that cost RM 3.80. =)

Done eating, back to social networking..! LOL =p

Overall, Piccadilly leaves me with a good impression on their food. Really2 affordable and the plate presentation is nice as well. Ouh, like other restaurants, 10% service charge is applied here. And for Muslims, here they claim that they serve Halal food as no pork is served here. But Piccadilly is categorized as restaurants and bar. So they serve beer and alcohol for Non-Muslims. 

Besides western food, they also serve Asian cuisine such as Indian, Chinese, and Malay food as well. If you want to visit this restaurant, this is the address:

LG006 & 007, Millennium Square, Dataran Millenium PJ, 98, Jalan 14/1, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


Till then! Choww~

p/s: jangan lupa sertai My First GiveAway Contest 2015 kalau nak menang set kurung untuk raya haji ni ;)

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Antara Samsung Note 3 atau iPhone 5s. Dilema!

Ouh, ini bukan entry untuk menentukan mana lagi ok, spec mana lagi ok, dan bukan juga review. Ini entry dilema hidup yg tak penting sangat pun. Hehe.

Bulan depan dah berniat nak tukar phone. Tapi dari dulu lagi confuse antara Note 2 or Iphone 5. Mula-mula rasa nak Note 2, pastu nak Iphone. Pastu nak Note 2 Pink, pastu tetiba je Note 3 kua! Jeng jeng jeng...Lepas dah puas mengusha Youtube, hati memang terpaut gila dgn Note 3. Plus, alang-alang zaman skarang tengah famous dengan pabhlets (phone+tablet), apa salah nya nak try kan? Nanti-nanti kalau dah tukar trend, beli lah Iphone time tu, Sebab size Iphone evergreen. Size yg diterima pakai sepanjang masa. Hehe. nyeee.. Salah 1 faktor yg minat sgt Note 3 ni sebab features yg ada dlm ni mmg sgt sgt kena dgn diriku ini. Hehe.

So! 1st dilema dah settle. Going for Note 3! Dilema kedua adalah....Note 3 Pink sangat cantik! Nak sangattt yang pink tu. Masalahnya pulak, yang pink selalunya lambat keluar. Taknak lah jadi macam Note 2 Pink, keluar sama tahun dengan Note 3. Hmmm. Kang nanti baru je beli Note 3 Pink, Note 4 terus kua lepas tu. Adoi! Masalah sekarang ialah, beli je color basic (boleh guna awal), atau pun tunggu Pink edition (guna lmbat tapi cantik dimataku ini). Hmmmm.

photos by androidcentral
Ouh Pinky, cantiknya anda. Tapi kenapa nak kua lambat2.. ='(

Biarlah masa yg menentukan....sekian..wassalam..

Yang delima, eh dilema,

Dyana Hassan

p/s: jangan lupa sertai My First GiveAway Contest 2015 kalau nak menang set kurung untuk raya haji ni ;)

Product Review: Veet Wax Strips

Ehem ehem. Hee. Kembali lagi kita dalam rancangan Product Review bersama Dyana Hassan! Ngehehe. =D *mengada sangat*

Okay, entry kali ni nak share pasal satu produk ni yg memang saya tak pernah miss beli tiap kali habis. Dulu-dulu memang guna shaver walaupun tak puas hati  sangat dengan resultnye. Pernah jugak try wax tapi rasanya brand lain dan tak berkesan, so kembali dengan shaver. Tapi! Lepas try guna Veet Wax Strips ni kannn, terus produk ni jadi a-must-have-item giteww. Memang takleh duduk diam kalau menda ni habis. Confirm nak kena pegi cari kat Guardian ke Watsons bila habis. o_O

Produk: Veet Wax Strips
Harga: RM19-RM29 (harga berubah2 mengikut sales di Guardian/Watsons)
Ni lah rupe kotak wax strip nye. Ada lagi 1 jenis, color merah bau berry. Wangi..Nyumnyum =D

Ni barang2 dalam kotak tu. Ada wax strips, yg pink tu finish wipes, dan ada instructions of using.

Apa kegunaan wax strips ni? Kegunaan nya menggantikan shaver lah. Boleh digunakan di kaki, lengan, tiak. Keke. Kalau kite shave, kena renew hari2 kan sbb nye bulu akan cepat naik balik. Tapi bila waxing, lambat sikit lah bulu naik sebab nye bulu itu dikeluarkan dari akar umbinye. Huhu. Tapi tempoh kuar balik tu berbeza mengikut individu yew.

Cara penggunaan nye:

1. Yang penting sekali, wax strip ni agak besar. Jadi kalau nak guna untuk kawasan yg kecik2, kat tiak misalnya, kita boleh potong2 dlu dgn gunting. Mengikut size yg kte nak.

2. Pastikan tempat nak wax tu kering. Jangan bagi kena air or basah2 pulak.

3. Gosok2 sikit wax strips tu dgn tapak tangan sebab namanye pun cold strips, so kte kena panaskan sikit cold strips ni guna suhu badan kite.

4.Wax strip ni melekat mcm gam, jadi tarik slow2 dan letak kat tmpt nak di wax.

5. Bila dah lekat, gosok2 sikit tempat tu.

6. Pastikan kita ready untuk tarik mengikut arah yg berlawanan/bertentangan dengan penumbuhan bulu tersebut.

7. Dah ready??? Tarik laju-laju!! Prapppppp!

8. Lihat hasilnya. Hehe.

9. Ulang langkah sampai clean n clear. Hoho.

10. Gunakan finish wipes tu bila dah settle. Untuk membuang sisa-sisa yg melekat. Bila finish wipes tu dah habis, boleh gantikan cuci tmpat wax dengan baby oil. 

Seperti yg saya dah mention kat atas, ni adalah a must have item utk saya. I'm totally in love with this product. Dah pernah cuba brand lain tapi x berkesan. Ada time tu, poket tengah kering, so beli lah wax strips Nair since murah RM15 n kuantiti lagi byk. Tapi....try sekali je..kecewa. Sampai sekarang x bersentuh dah wax strips tu. Terus beli Veet balik. Huhu.

Untuk first timer, harga Veet ni sekarang agak mahal. Kalau x berkesan nanti rugi lah duit kan? Tapi good news lah, sebabnya Veet ada kuarkan debut version. Memang khas market untuk sesape yg baru nak mencuba. Sebabnye ada hanya 8 wax strips dan harganya pun lebih murah. Memang berbaloi. RM 9 je lebih kurang. Hari tu baru ternampak kat Watsons n terus beli. Sebab lepas buat kalkulator sendiri, beli debut version lagi murah dari beli yg terus byk, 20 strips tu. Hehe.

Okay, done! Lastly, product ni saya bagi 4.8/5 ! XD

p/s: jangan lupa sertai My First GiveAway Contest 2015 kalau nak menang set kurung untuk raya haji ni ;)

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Movie Review: 2 Guns

Last weekend I was hovering around Alamanda Mall to buy some stuff and also saje jalan-jalan buang masa. Then my friend and I decided to watch a movie and we chose 2 Guns. I hope it's not too late  to review this movie as the released date was last week on 19 September. ;)

Language: English
Classification: 18
Release date: 19 September 2013
Genre: Action Comedy
Running Time: 119 Minutes
Director: Baltasar Kolmakur
CastDenzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg, Paula Patton, Bill Paxton, James Marsden, Fred Ward, Edward James Olmos

Academy Award winner Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg lead an all-star cast in 2 Guns, an explosive action film that tracks two operatives from competing bureaus who are forced on the run together. But there is a big problem with their unique alliance: Neither knows that the other is an undercover federal agent. When their attempt to infiltrate a Mexican drug cartel and recover millions goes haywire, Trench and Stigman are suddenly disavowed by their superiors. Now that everyone wants them in jail or in the ground, the only person they can count on is the other. Unfortunately for their pursuers, when good guys spend years pretending to be bad, they pick up a few tricks along the way.

This is gonna  be a very quick review. Hope it helps. For overall performance, this movie is entertaining enough to make you feel worth spending some money to watch this at the cinema. I do feel like something is lacking in the story line but it's not a big deal I guess. The action is ok and the comedy is alright. The two main characters in this movie, Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg played their role well. They work well together and we can feel their chemistry. As we can predict through the poster, this movie is about a buddy comedy story. 

To sum it up, I wouldn't say that this movie is wowww enough but it's still in the list of some good movies that you can watch in your spare time. It's funny though!

Lastly, I would rate this movie with 3.9/5 =)

This is the movie trailer~

Monday, 23 September 2013

Product Review: Organic Aid Vitamin E Moisturizer Cream

Pejam celik pejam celik dah sebulan bloggie ni tak disentuh. Aduhh. Ciannn die..huhuh. Disebabkan kekangan masa dan kemalasan diri yg tak menentu, inilah jadinya. Tapi mulai hari ni dah berazam nak hapdate bloggie selalu! Walaupun entry ciput2 pun takpe, asalkan hapdate! Iye tak? Hehe =p

Okay, hari ni nak buat review sikit lah, pasal 1 produk yg telah sy mencuba-i-nye-pun. Boleh dikatakan sebagai krim menghilangkan parut jerawat juga. Sebab sebelum kenal produk ini, haruslah sy menggoogle2 dgn jaya nya dan produk ni ramai org ckp bagus utk parut jerawat. Katanyeee.. lah. o_O

Ini lah produknye...

Produk: Organic Aid Vitamin E Moisturizer Cream
Harga: RM 15 (28 gram) / RM30 (110 gram)
Dijual: Watson & Guardian

Sebenarnya, ini bukan krim yg direka khas utk menghilangkan parut jerawat. Ini adalah moisturizer cream sebenarnya ataupun krim pelembab muka. Tetapi, mungkin sebab kandungan nye ada Vitamin E (which is known good for our skin) yg membuatkan parut2 di muka lebih cepat hilang dan muka berseri-seri. *Berseri kewrrr??* InsyaAllah...... Hehe =D

Cara memakai:

1. Basuh muka dengan pencuci muka bersih-bersih lah hendaknya.
2. Lap muka bagi kering sikit.
3. Kalau ada toner, tonyoh la muka dgn toner. (jgn toyoh2 sgt lah ek, tak elok sebenanrnya, hanya layangkan sahaja. eceyh)
4. Sapu krim pelembab Vit E Organic Aid ni.
5. Biarkan ia meresap dan anda boleh tidur.
6. Habis. Done.

*Ouh, utk yg kulit muka jenis kering, krim ni boleh juga dipakai siang hari sebelum anda pegi keje or keluar. Pakai krim ni sebelum makeup.

Satu lagi info yg penting adalah di packaging krim ni, tertulis, "non-sticky, non-greasy". Bermaksud krim ni bila sapu di muka takdelah rasa melekit2 dan berminyak sgt pun. Ok2 jek. Tapi kalau dah muka mmg jenis berminyak byk jgn laa nak salahkan krim ni pulak ek. Ataupun utk org muka berminyak, jgn la sapu byk sgt krim ni di muka. Okay..? Hehe. =p

Last but not least, yg paling penting sekali ni, adalah review dari empunya bdn. Kihkih. Sebelum tu, ini hanyalah pendapat peribadi ok, kesan penggunaan mungkin berbeza mengikut org.... Ok, sy sendiri dah try guna krim ni. Dan, telah pun repurchase produk ni. Beli lagi hah, 2 botol lagi. Hehe. Macam biasa lah, takde produk yg boleh hilangkan parut dlm masa sehari. Apa yg boleh dikatakan pasal produk ni, terasa mcm ada perubahan walaupun ambil masa. Perubahan tu boleh nampak lagi2 kalau tiada parut baru yg muncul.

Jadi, product ini adalah recommended product lah untuk sesiapa yg sedang mencari produk utk hilangkan parut. Lagipun harga nya takde lah mahal sgt. Try dulu botol kecik, sbb tahan lama jugak lagipun. Dalam linkungan RM15 dan boleh didapati di Guardian dan Watson. Sy dah usha, mmg dua2 tempat ni ada jual, Tak tipu. ;)

Lastly, sebelum menghilangkan diri lagi, sy akan rate kan produk ni. Disebabkan diri ini agak berpuas hati dgn produk ini, jd sy bagi 4 bintang utk Organic Aid Vit E Moisturizer Cream ni.

Sekian, wassalam, adios, amigos, chowzz~~

p/s: jangan lupa sertai My First GiveAway Contest 2015 kalau nak menang set kurung untuk raya haji ni ;)

Friday, 23 August 2013

Movie Review: KL Zombi (Zizan Razak)

Hey Hey Hey! Walaupun penyakit malas masih menguasai diri tapi rasanya macam rugi laaa tak review cite Malaysia kite ni. *cite The Conjuring dgn Percy Jackson tgk hari tu pun tak rasa nak review2 lagi* Tapi takpe, cite Malaysia akan di dahulukan kerana saya anak Malaysia. Dahhh start merepek dahhh... -_-

Okay2.. semalam berlangsungnya Gala Premier KL Zombi bertempat di e@Curve, Damansara. Thanks to Grand Brilliance and of course Nuffnang for giving me a pair of tix to watch this movie. Biasa lah, masa pegi confirm laa terpikir. Best ke takk cite ni. Harap2 Zizan best lah. Takut2 kalau jalan cite hampeh ke, at least kalau lawak Zizan menjadi, ok laa jugak. Hehe. *typical Malay mindset sbb dah terkena cite x best byk kali* o_O

Sampai2 jek dah nampak staff2 KL Zombi ramai kat lounge Cathay Cineplax tu. Yang tak boleh blah tetiba pulakkk ada Zombi2 muka ketat berkeliaran. Perghhh.. Cuak jugak Mak Jemah tgk2. Damn! Hahah. Terlari2 jugak la terkejut tgk muka dorg. Then nampak Zaliff Sidek n Azwan Melodi pun ada kat situ. Ouh, gambar x diambil sebagai prove sbb saya x suka bergambar. Apa laaa blogger x suka amek pic kan. Pelik kan. Nak wat camnooo.. T_T. Nanti2 try laa ubah habit ni. Tulis blog takde pic2 menarik mcm hapeee je kan. Borrinnggggg. Haha =p

Yang menariknya juga, tetiba nampak manager Zizan iaitu Marina Juki kalau x silap time tgh nak beli air, then pastu nampak Zizan kua bersama2 zombi dari preview lounge. Muka Zizan masa tu mcm ponattt jek. Byk keje ye bang. Hehe. Takpe. Siann. Nasib cite lu best. Keke =p

Tengokkk...panjang gila melalut. Okay, okay. Jom2 saya review cite ni okayhhh.. Let's ge it started! ;)

Bahasa: Melayu
Klasifikasi: P13
Durasi: 1 jam 37 Minit
Genre: Komedi/Aksi/Seram
Tarikh Tayangan: 29 Ogos 2013
Pengarah: Woo Ming Jin
Pelakon: Zizan Razak, Siti Saleha, Izara Aishah, Usop Wilcha, Zain Hamid, Yus Raja Lawak Eidil Putra, Azhan Rani
* Adaptasi dari novel Fixi Zombijaya - Adib Zaini*

KL Zombi merupakan kisah 5 sekawan yg mempunyai cita-cita dan harapan tersendiri. Namun semua nya menjadi porak peranda apabila munculnya sejenis wabak bahaya yang menukarkan manusia menjadi dan merebak di sekitar Kuala Lumpur, 

Watak utamanya, Nipis (Zizan Razak) terpaksa bertarung nyawa demi menyelamatkan diri dan rakan-rakannya dari dijangkiti wabak berkenaan setelah ibu dan kakak kembarnya ( Izara Aishah) telah dijangkiti virus tersebut.

Jalan cerita yg agak kemas sebab boleh nampak flow cerita dari awal sampai habis. Cerita tak lompat2 lah maksudnya. Di awal cerita, pengarah memperkenalkan barisan pelakon kiranya dimana 5 sekawan melepak menunggu bunga api new year. Scene ni actually macam simbolik yg menunjukkan kehidupan normal seseorg bergembira di tahun baru dgn azam yg baru dan mengimpikan kehidupan yg lebih baik akan datang. Namun, ada kejadian yg berlaku pada mlm tersebut yg mengubah segala-segalanya. Eceyhhh. Lagi satu! Ada sebab kenapa makanan favourite Zizan iaitu Char Kueteow a.k.a Kueteow basah diperkenalkan di awal cerita. He he he. (ni kalau pengarah dorg baca confirm dpt score 10/10 ni) =p

Konflik bermula pada keesokan harinya apabila Alif (Zain Hami) dan Ana (Izara Aishah) tetiba mengalami kejadian pelik menimpa diri mereka. Kejadian tu merebak dan meng huru hara kan keadaan. Satu-satunya org yg paling tenang masa tu adalah Zizan lah a.k.a Nipis. Sebabnya dia tak perasan lagi apa yg sedang berlaku pada masa tu. Mungkin dia bodoh sikit barangkali. Haha. Tapi memang banyakkkkk scene yg lawak time dia x perasaan tu. 

Jadi, sy boleh katakan lakonan Zizan memang menjadi dalam filem ni. Lawaknya menjadi. Sebelum pertengahan cerita, byk part2 yg sy gelak sampai sakit perut. Serious tak tipu. A full credit to Zizan for that. ;)

Mula dari pertengahan cerita, kurang sikit gelak tapi still ada part2 yg kelakar. Bila keadaan menjadi huru-hara, zombi semakin mengganas memang nampak macam agak bosan tapi nasib ada keadaan2 yg kelakar yg menyelamatkan cerita. Contohnya tetiba ibu Nipis menelefon dikala saat2 genting dan Nipis sgt2 sedih apabila ibunya diserang zombi saat itu. Kesedihan Nipis itu mcm sebagai "trigger" lah utk dia membalas dendam untuk ibu dan kakak kembarnya. Haaa. =D

Di saat kekalutan tu lah, Nipis mengenali Siti Saleha (tak igt nama dlm filem, hehe). Dimana mereka bersembunyi bersama beberapa org rakan yg lain yg masih selamat. Sambil mencari penawar untuk memulihkan org yg dijangkiti wabak tersebut. 

Mungkin boleh dikatakan part yg paling kurang menarik adalah semasa penawar sudah dijumpai dan cara mereka menyembuhkan org ramai. Haha. Part tu boleh diterima tapi maybe segolongan penonton akan pikir mcm "err apa ni?". But for me it's fine. I enjoy myself watching it because it made me laugh. LOL

Terdapat jugak aksi2 Zizan menumbangkan zombi2 dlm cite ni. Of course laa ada part yg kelakar tak serupa bikin tapi ada part dimana Zizan betul2 beraksi yg nampak style jugak laaa. Ouh! kredit juga diberikan pada scene2 aksi sebab tak nampak fake. Memang nampak mcm betul2 bagiii. Hehe. Kredit 1 lagi sy berikan masa awal2 cerita scene mat rempit kacau zizan. Hahahah. Itu memang betul2 lawak!

Apa yg off nye dalam cerita ni, yg sy perasan ada part2 yg di cut. Walaupun tak bagi effect sgt, meaning kita still faham bila tgk n ada setengah org maybe tak perasan pun, tapi still mcm a bit off kat situ. Hmm. Dan 1 lagu seperti dah mention kat atas, scene dorg menyelamatkan KL. Haha.

Konklusinya, untuk filem yg bergenre ringan2 mcm ni, agak berjaya jugak cerita ni sebab above expectation. Sape2 bosan n nak saksikan komedi n aksi ringan boleh tgk movie ni next week okayh. Sape yg suka dan rinduuuuu gle dgn lawak2 Zizan, anda dinasihatkan utk tengok. Kepada peminat2 Zizan rasanya akan puas hati jugak dgn cite ni. Kalau haters tuu...mungkin adalah menda boleh di isukan. Haha. I'm sooo neutral n I like this movie in its own way. Since cite ni above my expectation, therefore I should give my credit towards this movie. secara jujur, sy tak rasa menyesal tengok. =)

Lasttttly, I would rate this movie untukkk kategori filem yg ringan ye dan santai2 dengan 3.5/5

Ni official trailer nye

p/s: jangan lupa sertai My First GiveAway Contest 2015 kalau nak menang set kurung untuk raya haji ni ;)

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Balik Kampung!!!

Aaaaaaa lamanya lamanya lamaaaa nya x update belog! Cian nyeee belog kite nii.. T_T . Pejam celik pejam celik 3 bulan dah x up entry baru. Ada jugak org yg contact tanya nape dah lama x update. Tak sangka pulak ada follower yg rindukan entry kite niii..wuuuu. *gedikss*. Terharu sebenarnya, igtkan takde org kisah. Hehe

Sebenarnya sejak2 dah keje ni, x sempat hapdet belog. Bila balik keje, asyik nak tidoooo jek, mmg terbelengkalai lah blog. Siannyaa lah ai my beby belog. Kihkih. Bila tgh movie latest2 pun rasa malas nak review. Adoi. Haa sape nak sy buat review on Pacific Rim or The Wolverine, roger2 lah ek. *dah lapuk baru nak buat review khenn* -_-

Okayy, sebenarnya entry kali ni sebab nak cite pasal balik kampung, Yeayy!! This is like my second entry kot sy nak cite psl my personal stuff. Basically, my blog entries would be things like product or movie reviews and other stuff other than my personal story mory. But this time is different since we're gonna celebrate our Hari Raya Aidilfitri in a few more days kan. So entry kali ni special sket lah. Hehe. =p

Seperti yg tertera di tajuk entry kali ni, nak cite pasal balik kg alkisah nyeee. Macam biasa lah, balik kg dgn my only big brotha yow since we're both living in Cyberjaya. Alhamdulillah jalan x jam langsung dan trafik sangat lancar sepanjang hari. Kih Kih. =D

Alright, now move on to the highlighted part of the journey. Kali ni perjalanan special sket sbb ditemani oleh si witty kiddy kitty LOLA!! (atau nama penuhnya Lola Bella Stella)

Tadaaa yaddaa!~ This is baby Lola (sj je ltk pic parkinson, dlm kete kan, susah benor nak snap gmbor *heh*)

Lola: Where am I ??

Before bawak bdk kecik ni balik, ada lah sikit2 google psl cara nak bawak kucing travel. Nak2 pulak utk kucing yg 1st time nak travel. Tapi 1 tips pun x ikut, meain redah je  bwk dia. Mmg gelabah lah bdk ni. Lola pun awal2 stay dlm kotak jek, tatottt katakann. Nasib laa sediakan kotak kat dia. Lepas dah lama sket baru nak try2 keluar tgk donia. Pastu dia jalan2 smbil bunyi2. Risau jugakk dia nak uh uh yak yak sbb before ktorg gerak dia x membuang. Lama tnggu dia mmbuang tapi x de jugak. So ktorg decide utk gerak jelah. Bila dia dh bunyi2 tu stop la kejap kat RnR Sg Buloh sbb Lola ni jenis mmbuang di toilet. Tapi bila stop dia senyap pulak so we continued our journey lah.

Her pinky gown dipakaikan utk membuatkan dia rasa lebih secure.

Lepas2 tu, dia dah start keluar dari kotak tapi still takut2. So kena lah pakai baju sbb dia ni suka pakai baju. Nak buat dia rasa lebih selesa. Ciannn bdk ni haaa. Lama lama lama lama dia dah ok dahhh. Dia dah rasa selesa travel dalam kete. Terus pose ala2 model gap kids. *Heh*

Nak tgk takkk???

Tadaaaa..!! Omey tak Tak Tonnn??? Omeyyy......~~ *Hahaha*

Sampai2 umah igt dia nak mmbuang. Tapi x nak pulak, makan pun xnak. Terus main2 hyper aktif gile. Nasib baik laa dia x carsick. Hehe. So seminggu lah dia balik kg for the 1st time before balik ke Cyber. So far, nampak happy je dia balik kg. Time tido pulak, kalau kt Cyber x pernah2 nak tdo sebelah org atas katil, kat sini tdo nak rapat2 dgn org siap kena pelok lagi dgn dia. =.="

My mum pun happy lah sikit anak2 balik raya, cucu ber ekor pun balik kali ni. Kih kih. 

Jadi kalau sy rajin, lepas ni sy bagi lah tips2 utk bwk kucing travel ye. At least boleh la share sikit informasiss bersama2.

Sampai disini dlu entry sy pada hari yg mulia ini. Till then ya!

Selamat Berpuasa! ^_^

p/s: kpd opismatesss ku, selamat bekerja. bestnye lah aiii cuti semingguuuu..uihhh.. =p

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Choi Siwon Is My Dream Guy~

I like you Siwon oppa. Please come to Malaysia again. Wuuuuu T_T *ini entry mengada namanya*
I couldn't take my eyes off you whenever I saw your LINE TVC being aired on tv. Haishh!! Siwon oppa.....saranghae!~~
*eyes fixed on Siwon oppa* o_O

p/s: Missing my 'Siwon' so bad..but what can I do... hurm.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Movie Review: Bikers Kental (Zizan Razak)

Yeszaa kembali lagi dengan movie review.. Kali ini cerita Melayu pulak. Encik rakan mengajak diri ini untuk menonton Fast & Furious 6. Tapi biasa lah cerita baru keluar, semua slot haruslah full kannn. Bikers Kental je yang macam menarik untuk di tengok. Itu pun tinggal front seat je. =.=" . So tawakal jela harap2 cerita ni best. (Bukan tak tengok movie melayu tapi selalu jugak laa terkena dapat cite yg ntah apa2 even Zizan n  Johan jadi tunjang utama, betul tak?)

Okayy tanpa membebel dgn lebih banyak lagi, jom lah start mereview cite ni. Ngehehe~

Bahasa: Melayu
Durasi: 95 minit
Tarikh tayangan: 23 Mei 2013
Genre: Aksi/Komedi (tak aksi sgt koott)
Pengarah: Helmi Yusof
Pelakon: Zizan Razak, Awie, Zul Ariffin, Harun Salim Bachik, Bront Palarae, Pornwipa Watcharakaroon, Julangtip Sukkasem, Amerul Affendi, Sufia Mohamed

Kisah seorang anak muda bernama Bidin Al Zaifa, yang mempunyai minat yang amat mendalam dengan motor berkuasa besar. Beliau yang bekerja di sebuah garaj workshop motor milik abang sepupunya, Aidil Al Zaifa. Bidin mempunyai impian.Impiannya adalah untuk menunggang motosikal besar dari Kuala Lumpur terus ke Thailand. Walaupun seorang yang cuai, sikap Bidin amat disenangi dan disukai ramai, Bidin telah ditawarkan peluang untuk berkonvoi bersama-sama dengan geng motosikal Eddie Cuardo, salah seorang pelanggan garaj Aidil. Pengembaraan Bidin bersama Eddie Cuardo bermula dan dari sini, bermula pelbagai kisah, tragedi dan konflik diantara Bidin, Eddie dan Saiya Sukhaporn bersama rakannya Cherry Porntit, 2 orang gadis Thailand yang mereka jumpa ketika konvoi. 

Sejujurnya mula-mula ingat cerita ni macam tak best je bila tengok trailer nye. Bila tengok tajuk pula, sure org pikir citer pasal mat rempit kan. Tapi sebenarnya tak. Citer ni pasal geng motorbike. Of course laa ada idea yg merapu, cite komedi kan. Tapi idea yg merapu tu lawaknya memang menjadi. So sgt2 not bad lah ini celita. 

Zizan mcm biasa lah dgn wataknya yang bersahaja. Tapi kadang2 memang meluat tgk dia dalam cite ni sbb mat gebang! Mat gebang tu apa? Haa..Orang yg suka cakap besar and bajet bagus. Hahah. Pastu suka buat masalah. Eii geram jek aku tgk ko ni zizang. Watak2 yg lain macam Awie, Zul Ariffin, Harun Salim Bachik okay2 laa. Semua balance. Watak Awie dalam cite ni watak serious tapi di tengah2 cerita ada komedi yang Awie bawakan. Menarik2. Memang kelakar. Haha!

Watak org jahat pulak mild je dalam cite ni. Actually macam takde pun takpe. Tapi dalam semua citer of course lah kena ada konflik. Kalau tak mendatar jela cite nye. Tak gitu? Jadi, watak jahat ditambah untuk konflik yg sangat ringan. Kite layan kan jela konflik tu kan. Ada part yang kelakar lagipun. Hehe.

Untuk komedi nye pulak. Ada part2 yg memang 'masuk air' laaaa. Bagi saya tu something new jugak laa. Hahah. Lawak2. Part si Bidin (Zizan) sedih n touching di awal2 citer sampaikan Eddie (Awie) pergi tanya n pujuk dia. Alasan touching tu mmg ntah pape laa kan. Tak penting langsung. Macam budak2! Haha. Then di tengah citer ada selit pasal komedi yg dibawakan Awie pulak mcm yg dah cakap td tu. Haa ada 1 lagi, scene dimana Zul Ariffin tanya Awie kenapa Awie baik sgt dgn Zizan si kaki gebang tu. Then Awie flashback balik memori dia n ckp dia ada alasan sendiri. Tapi memori Awie tu mmg sgt2 masuk air laa. Hahahah. 

Part wanita2 Thailand tu pulak biasa2 je. Agak cliche tapi ok jee. Fun jugak. Memang penambah perisa lah untuk citer ni. Dapat jugak Zizan awek Thai cun sorg. Haha!

Overall, citer ni dalam kategori komedi ringan. Okay jugak untuk sape2 yg nak relieve stress setelah penat bekerja. Eceyhh. Haha. Memang not bad and agak berbaloi untuk ditonton di panggung wayang. Kalau sape2 yg nak tgk Fast 6 tu tapi dah full, boleh la try pulak tengok cite ni. Support our local art sekiranya ianya berbaloi. Pendapat saya, citer ni pun agak berbaloi. Tapi ini hanya pendapat eksklusif saya (haha), kalau tak best jgn marah. 

Last but not least, as usual I will rate this movie and I give 4/5. ;)
Inilah trailer nyee. Sila-sila lah tengok~

p/s: jangan lupa sertai My First GiveAway Contest 2015 kalau nak menang set kurung untuk raya haji ni ;)

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Product Review: Hiruscar (Skincare Gel for Scars)

Alrightt...setelah sekian lama malas nak buat product review, hari ni terasa nak menulis reviu pulak. Just a quick review lah kot on a treatment product so called~ Hirusscar~

Ahh, malasnya nak menulis! Tapi kalau dah start menulis memang panjang berjela kan. Tak reti nak stop pulak.. Apelah... ;p

Disebabkan muka ini sudah tidak licin seperti dahulu akibat terrrsalah guna produk, jadi bermulalah sesi memburu produk untuk mempercepatkan proses melicinkan kulitku kembali. Heh. Boleh baca luahan hati hamba yang kesedihan akibat muka tidak licin lagi di entry ---> INI (klik lah kalau rasa nak baca)

Salah satu produk yang kita dah try adalah Hiruscar. Hiruscar ni is a treatment product lah untuk reduce atau healing any scars di badan kita.

Ini lah pack Hiruscar yg dibeli. Exactly looks like this. RM17+ di Guardian. =)
Hiruscar Gel

  • Produk rawatan kecantikan.Gel merawat parut untuk kecantikan kulit.
  • Mengandungi Aloe Vera, Vitamin E dan Vitamin B
  • Melembap dan melindungi parut dan tisu
  • Mencerahkan ton warna kulit serta menyerlahkan kembali kehalusan dan kecantikan asli kulit. (amboii, kelasss kau maria)

Okayy...sekarang masa yang ditunggu-tunggu. Pengalaman diri ini menggunakan produk Hiruscar.Ngehee. Are you readayyy?? Alright, let's go! (let's go nak pi mana pun tatauu..ish ish ish..)

1. Tak ingat berapa minggu dah habis pakai produk ni tapi macam kurang berkesan di muka. Ada effect tapi maybe terlaluuu slow. Rasanya ni macam Bio-Oil kot. Berkesan dan nampak perubahan di kawasan badan yang lain, tapi tidak di muka. No no no. (Maybe akan berkesan tapi terlalu lama nak tunggu). Saya kurang sabar!! >.<

2. Packaging yang macam tak best sangat kot....kena hati-hati sikit pegang tube ni. Kalau tak, boleh bocor especially kalau kita pegang ganas-ganas. Hehe.

3. RM17+ untuk 5gm. Hurmm..No comment kot sebab produk macam ni memang mahal sikit kannnn.. o_O  Rasa-rasanya produk scar treatment yang lain pun mahal. Kot. Kan? Hehe.

4. Satu-satunya kebaikan produk ni ialah teksture gel nye yang transparent (jernih) dan wangi..So muka tak comot lah pakai menda ni. Haha.

5. Adakah produk ni di rekemenkan? Buat masa ni tak kot. Tapi untuk parut selain dari muka, rasanya berkesan tapi kena rajin lah sapu. Alternatif lain boleh guna Bio-Oil untuk sapu di badan..Ambil masa sikit, tak lama sangat dan result agak memuaskan. Untuk muka, again. No no no babeyh. Hehe.

Last but not leassttttt.. Hiruscar sebenarnya ada produk lain untuk Post-Acne treatment. Apa tu? Post-acne tu maksudnya selepas jerawat. Hehe. Meaning gel untuk disapu untuk parut jerawat. Baru je tau pasal ni. Mungkin yang tu baru berkesan di muka tapi tak pernah try so tak boleh buat review atau pun sebarang recommendation. Just to add some info to you lah people. In case you feel like want to try it, you can try it lah *slang inggelish kelate*

Inilah dia... Packaging color putih. Harga mahal sikit kot dari yang atas tadi. lah saje review kita pada hari ini ye.. Di harap info-info yang dikemukakan di blog ni memberikan manfaat kepada kita semua. Eceyhh..Haha XD


p/s: jangan lupa sertai My First GiveAway Contest 2015 kalau nak menang set kurung untuk raya haji ni ;)