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Saturday, 16 February 2013


Hehehehe...Suddenly I decided to write about B.A.P . Yah! Another K-updates! kekeke.. Well, I don't really know this group, I don't even recognize their faces and their names. But I fall in love with one of their songs. Hehe. It is called Rain Sound. Actually the song popped out while I was reading someone's blog back then. That was my first time hearing this song. Then, I look into the playlist right away to find out whose song is that. The song is nice. But the story ends there. =p

Few days ago, a friend of mine (he is a msian-pop artist, he can dance really well =p) gave me this one youtube link. Of course I take a look at it and it was a song cover actually, of a new B.A.P song called "One Shot' . I really really really like that cover, it really made my day and make me feel damn happy..haha! Because of that, I suddenly recalled about "Rain Sound" and started to search for the MV in youtube. I keep watching it (with eng sub) for several times and was immersed into that video (soooooo like me -_- ) . It is a sad song and the MV successfully make me feel like they are all in pain and sorrow T_T .
Okay, for their new song "One Shot" , I just watched the MV hours ago and I was like, 'woww!~'  The MV is like a movie. The song is very cool-charismatic-gangster-like. For me, it is a real cool. Of course I still prefer ballad songs that suits more to my heart (such as Lee Seung Gi songs) but for another genre of song, a black-dark-hiphop-style, B.A.P is one of the best I think. Nice nice.

Alrighttt.. now it's time for me to share with you those MVs that I keep chit chatting about~~~

1. Rain Sound - my fav B.A.P song

2. One Shot - their latest song, they should just make a movie of it =p

3. This is the "One Shot" song cover that I'm talking about. I do think this is the best cover, pls don't blame me if you don't. Credit to EXO-K - MAMA also =ppppp

4. Lastly, this is a video of a friend that I've mentioned above. He was in a dance group (RE-DO) before debuting as a singer in an established group called VIP. His name is Amen (the one on right at the beginning of the video, wearing a cardigan)  =D
( Dance cover - Infinite's Paradise, MBLAQ's It's War, B.A.P Warrior )

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