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Monday, 25 February 2013

Product Review: Oxy 10

Today I'm up with another entry regarding product review ;)  Since I had a pretty baadd experience from choosing a wrong product that end up my skin having pimples, I've tried so many other products to get my precious skin back (LOL) . Ouh, you can read about my bad experience HERE.

So, one of the products on market that I've interested into is Mentholatum Oxy 10. Here it is!

Sorry for providing you with a blurry picture =(

I guess lotsa people also know about Oxy products. As you can see on the packaging, Oxy 10 is an acne pimple medication with a maximum strength. 

How does it works?
1. It kills bacteria that cause pimples(membunuh kuman dan bakteria punca jerawat)*mcm ayat dlm iklan je*
2. It helps dry up excessive oil. (mengeringkan minyak2 berlebihan di muka)
3. It helps unclog pores. (membantu mmbebaskan liang2 tersumbat)
4. Easy to use. Vanishes upon application. (yg vanished upon application tu kurang setuju sebab bila pakai muka comot mcm pakai bedak sejuk sbb krim nye color putih =p )

How to use this product?
1. Wash skin thoroughly and dry well.
2. Shake well before using. (tak shake pun takpe kot, mcm takde function pun nak goncang2)
3. Dab dab dab on Oxy 10 into oily acne pimple areas of face and neck. (using cotton bud)
4. Apply once a day first, then twice a day or as directed by a physician.

Oxy 10 acne pimple medication contains 10% Benzoyl Peroxide to treat more stubborn pimples. If you are aware that your skin is sensitive towards Benzoyl Peroxide, then of course please don't try this product. Also to people who haves sensitive skins, do "test for sensitivity" first before totally using it. You might also purchase Oxy 5 if you think Oxy 10 is too strong. The choice is in your hand. Choose wisely!

My opinion regarding this product
Actually I'm still confused whether to classify this product work well with me or not. It does give some effect, when you apply it to your face, it makes the area feels dry. Meaning that it dries up the excessive oils that cause pimples. I think it works really well with normal pimples or bigger pimples. The pimples will gone in 2-3 days. But it doesn't work so well with small pimples. (In my situation, I have more small pimples and some parts vanished quickly, some parts don't). And, I guess it does leaves acne scars on your face =( . However, if you have problems with acne, then this product should be one in your list to try out. It easy to find this product sumore, just go to Guardian or Watson!

I would rate this product with 3.8/5

p/s: jangan lupa sertai My First GiveAway Contest 2015 kalau nak menang set kurung untuk raya haji ni ;)

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