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Thursday, 31 January 2013

SBS Running Man to film in other Asian countries this year?

Don't walk, RUN!

Running Man is like a world phenomena and their popularity is not a joke. The show is a success with a great rating and being exported to various countries. People all around the world especially Asians are addicted to the show. So do I ngeheheh..,

Hence, whenever there is a rumor regarding RM to be filmed outside South Korean, all fans are hoping that their countries will be selected by the production. This is the only chance to meet all that 7 RM members in front of our eyes, isn’t it? That show is really cool and funny, that’s the reason why it became so famous and really well-known. They had filmed in Thailand and Hong Kong in previous year and of course it was a total success! All fans gathered and crowded the mission place. There was also a rumor saying that they will come to Malaysia in April last year but it’s a fake rumor. Ah, it was really disappointing, pity us.. T_T

A screenshot of RM in Thailand episode.

And, good news people! RM will be filming abroad again! BUT only Macau and Vietnam have been chosen as the locations. Macau and Vietnam fans are so lucky then, have a chance to see them later on.  =) The source stated that they will be travelling there early of February. So, I’m eagerly anticipating watching the new good episodes. Can’t wait!

p/s: I really miss Song Joong Ki.. I hope he can join RM and back being the original member of RM again. I also want Jung Yonghwa (CN Blue) to be a fixed cast member in RM.. hehe =p

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Food Review: Seoul Garden (One Utama)

This is gonna be a short entry but no worries I will provide you with nice photos. Again, this entry is about food. If you’re a bbq person and a steamboat person and love to eat a lot, then this is the right place for you!
Seoul Garden has several outlets and so far I’ve been in 1utama outlet for 2 or 3 times. Usually I don’t really eat the steamboat, my favourite is coffee marinated beef. Yummyyyy..slurrpp.. XD

 But there’s lotsa other selections there. They have marinated meat such as beef, chicken, fish, squid, and mutton with lotsa flavours such as blackpaper, chilli, curry, coffee, bulgogi and so on. All kind of fresh seafood also available. They have all kind of Korean side dishes as well such as kimchi (is a must thing), all kind of pickels, etc. I couldn’t remember what else but basically they have everything. Fresh veggies, yong tau fu stuff (for steamboat ), salad, abc, ice cream etc etc etc.

I’m sorry I couldn’t provide much photos for this because I only snap pictures of food that I here they are~

This is raw marinated meat - coffee beef and bulgogi chicken ^_^

My table may look like spacey but actually I keep refilled those yummy stuff for several times..hehehe =p

For the steamboat, you can choose the soup flavour, this one is tomyam, I've tried kimchi soup once and it didn't taste good, this tomyam flavour is much better ;)

OMG! It's grilling time!! Slurpppps~

Side dishes (kimchi and pickled mushrooms) and green sauce

Korean sauce and pickled cucumber and sawi (I LOVE the side dishes, all the pickles and also the sawi, it tastes better than salad when u wrap the meat..yum yum yum yummmyyyyy!

This is how we eat!! (Meat+kimchi+sauce+sawi) Btw this sawi doesn't taste like normal sawi in our kitchen, it's different, it taste really really really nice to me =D

Eyh I thought this entry gonna be short, but it's still long..kekeke..okay, for the price, you can check at seoul garden website because the price may differs a bit according to outlets.

Lastly, I would rate Seoul Garden with 4.5/5. =D

p/s: jangan lupa sertai My First GiveAway Contest 2015 kalau nak menang set kurung untuk raya haji ni ;)

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Food Review: Dubu Dubu Seoul Food (Midvalley)

Last month I went to Dubu Dubu Seoul Food at Midvalley branch to try new Korean food. The only Korean restaurant that I’ve been before is Seoul Garden (been there for several times because it is Halal certified). But they only provide great bbq n steamboat, no other menus. Since I watch K-dramas a lot, I always craving for ddeokbokki and bibimbap..teeheeee. But the problem is, I don’t know where to find those as most of Korean restaurants are not halal.

But then my friends told me about this place and I went there to give it a try. I ordered 2 dishes, of course ddeokbokki (ala carte) and bibimbap set.

This is ddeokbokki or spicy rice cake. The taste not that spicy, but for me it tastes nice. The rice cakes are chewy (I’m already aware bout this) and the sauce kinda similar to yong tau fu sauce but a bit different lah. But overall I’m ok with the taste and I like it.

This is bibimbap set with beef. Bibimbap set comes with 2 options; beef or chicken. As you can see lotsa veggies there and the rice under it is purple in color. It comes with side dishes as well which are kimchi, beansprouts, n veggies. Besides, there are also seaweed bean curd soup and Korean sauce. I like the taste as well but the thing is they put veggies so much and it was my mistake by mixing all the veggies together with the rice. I should put out some veggies before mixing it. Oh. 

So far, I like both dishes. I found out that many customers put up some bad feedbacks on Dubu Dubu facebook accounts. There were so many complaints but I guess I was lucky as I have good experience with this restaurant. The food is good and nice, the staff is ok , the service also ok. It may be took a while for the dishes being served but it didn’t take so much time. So, I’m totally ok with that.

I already forgot bout the exact price of each menu that I ordered. But the 2 dishes, together with 2 drinks plus tax, it cost around RM50. Well, I didn’t even pay because my friend treated me with that food! Kansahamnidaa! He didn’t even eat those dishes because he doesn’t like Korean food and I ate those all by myself..hehehe.. free of charge ;p

Hence, I would rate Dubu Dubu Seoul Food’sDddeokbokki and Bibimbap set with 4/5 =D

p/s: jangan lupa sertai My First GiveAway Contest 2015 kalau nak menang set kurung untuk raya haji ni ;)

Monday, 28 January 2013

Maru the Cat

If you are a cat lover, you must know who Maru is. Am I right? Well, it’s ok if you don’t. =p I’m gonna introduce him to you..

Well, don’t get me wrong, I’m not his mummy or his owner or his owner’s friend. But I knew Maru thru youtube of course. What I can say bout him is that Maru is really entertaining. He is damnnnnn ADORABLEEE… He is a cutie pie. He is a fat-round-chubby fella. He is like a spoil child. The owner is sooo lucky to have Maru. And I believe Maru is soooo lucky to have that kind of owner. She (I guess) has taking care of Maru so well. Maru always looks happy and being loved a lot.

The thing that I like about Maru is that he is damn funny. He loves boxes, he likes to enter into any kind of boxes even into a really small boxes. Watching all Maru’s videos can relieve your stress for the day especially if you love cats. Maru brings happiness to a lot of people. By watching his videos alone, we can feel happy bout it. Trust me!

Thus, if you’re doing nothing right now and feeling boring, just log on youtube and watch Maru now!! Hehehe =D

This is Maru's youtube channel (Maru also owns a twitter, a blog, books, etc)

Movie Review: Mama (Horror Movie)

Ermm..what can I say bout this movie. Well, it’s a scary movie..hehe.. I like the drama at the beginning of the story. The kids are just toooooo cute.. *melting*

The storyline is an attention-grabbing, we keep asking what was actually happened to the kids, who was taking care of them during the 5 years they had been left alone in the forest? For the beginning, quarter, half, and two thirds of the movie is realllyyyyy absorbing. The strength of the movie also relies on the great acting by the casts. Lucas, Annabelle, and the kids (Victoria and Lilly) are playing their character very very well. Well done.

But I don’t really like the ending. For me, it’s kinda illogical but don’t worry it is still acceptable. ;p So, this movie can be said as a story that is worth to be watched in the cinema. If you’re thinking of seeing a horror movie, you can give this a try. Happy watching! =)

I would rate this movie – 3.5/5

This is the trailer!

Movie Review: 3AM (Thai Horror Movie)

If you’re looking for horror movies in Msia cinemas right now, I guess there are 2 options. 3AM and Mama. I’ve watched both and I’m going to do a review on Mama in next entry okayh?

I went to watch 3AM with a thought that a thai horror movie would be damn scary piece. But the mood kinda spoiled when I realized that the movie is actually contains several different stories that being combined together in a movie. So there are 3 different stories in that movie.

The first and second part is just like short films with a lil bit horror elements in it. The third story is in a longer duration and kinda interesting. I love the third part. It’s funny! Even though there’s so much twist in that story, but the last twist is kinda unpredictable. And I was laughing out loud at the end of the story. The last 1 minute is hilarious! :D Till now I still laugh when I remember about the conversation between the guard and the policeman.

So, it’s up to you whether wanna watch the movie in the cinema or you can just download it thru the internet later on. But for me, I don’t really like watching a movie with a several different stories in it. It kinda ruined the mood.

I would rate this movie 2/5 

                         The movie trailer looks scary isn't it? hehe

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


This is a new South Korea variety show started in the year 2012 and still airing. This show now becomes my favourite variety show after Running Man. Frankly speaking, at first I don’t know who Shinhwa is. The first time I saw the 6 of them is when I was watching MBC Radio Star. They were there as the guest and 1 of them looks familiar. That person is Eric (Shinhwa leader) as I remember that I’ve seen his drama before, Spy Myeongwol. The first impression when I see them is that they are entertaining and very calm. Maybe because they have been in the industry for 14 years already since their 1998 debut as an idol-group under SM Entertainment. They look very comfortable dealing with the MCs and they are so funny.

So, during the show (Radio Star), they were also promoting Shinhwa Broadcast. About a week later, I give it a try. And I kind of addicted to the show since then. Even though there are some episodes that might be boring but most of them are entertaining enough. The best part is they are funny. The show makes me happy just like Running Man did to me. 

My bias in Shinhwa is of course Eric. He is tall, manly and funny too. Totally my type! LOL . Kim Dongwan might look like a shy person but tell you what, he is the most retarded ones. =D Because he always makes retarded jokes. That makes him funnier. Ha ha. Oh, btw he is also the main cast for the new drama in Korea, “Cheer up, Mr. Kim”.  Lee Minwoo is a fashionista and also talks well. Jun Jin and Hyesung sometimes being funny too but they didn’t left much impression yet. But still they are ok and I like them. Jun Jin is said to be dealing well with variety shows. Lastly,  Andy is the maknae and looks like a quiet person but of course he is not. Sometimes he’s being spastic as well. Ha ha.

To sum it up, if you are boring and looking for something entertaining to watch, then why don’t you give this a try! I started watching from the episode 15 because the guest was SHINee ;p

This is a cut from the show. Eric was teasing Minwoo saying he is a stupid whereas in this full episode Eric is the one who looks and think like a dummy. LOL
* All credits goes to the uploader and the subbers, kamsahamnida =D 

MV Review: Lee Seung Gi – Return

I’m not a Lee Seung Gi’s die-hard fan, so I’m not so biased and claim that all his work are daebak. BUT this new song of Seung Gi’s is a masterpiece!  I’ve known Seung Gi because of his dramas, “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox, King Two Hearts and also from his previous hosting show, “Strong Heart”.  Even though I’m aware that he is also a singer but I’ve never try to listen to his songs at all back then.

This song is the first song ever of Seung Gi’s that I listen to.  The moment its melody approached my ears, I fall in love with it right away. I am truly and really really really falling in love with the song and the MV. I love the piano part at the beginning of the MV. The melody, the piano sound, together with Seung Gi soft voice, completes the song well. It is a perfect combination and I cannot imagine any other singers that suit this song best other than Lee Seung Gi. It is like the song and Seung Gi are made for each other. Weee  XD

Ok, let’s move on with the storyline of the MV. I guess Seung Gi also works with talented people as well. The drama in the MV absolutely blends well with the song. The song really gives us the sentimental feeling and brings us to our past memories. So does the MV! The MV is kinda show that Seung Gi came back to his childhood town where he experienced his first love. So, the place brings him to his past memory.
The interesting part of the MV is that, instead of having a separate scene of singing (Seung Gi’s part) and drama (where the two kids acting), they done it together. Seung Gi is singing this song while seeing and ‘witnessing’ the drama played by the two kids. It gives the idea that Seung Gi is really LOOKING back at his past memories. This is a brilliant idea as it gives more sentimental value for the MV and I was watching it with teary eyes.. T_T

There’s so much more that I can say bout this MV but looks like this entry is already long enough.. he he he.. Last but not least, this MV has successfully captured my pure heart (=p)  with its great sad song together with a great drama/storyline.  This song and MV will absolutely stick into my mind forever. The song, the MV, and Lee Seung Gi voice are all beautiful. =)

So this is the MV! Please enjoy this great song! 
* All credits goes to the uploader and the subbers, kamsahamnida =D 

How To Start Blogging? I’m A Noob..

So, this is like my first entry ever! Yeayy! Now I have a blog! *Clapping by myself* (weirdo). The idea of writing a blog came to my mind since I don’t have anything else to do. Ha ha. I have lotsa leisure time and been spending my days by watching Korean variety shows every day =p . Since my time being wasted every single day without doing anything else (for the time being), I think of exercising my brain by writing a blog.  Well, besides reading, writing is also good for brain though.  Kan?

After I’m ready to hit up with it I found out that I am actually already having a blog! Hah?! Hehe.. I’m actually aware bout this, I already created one last time in 2011 thinking that I wanna do reviews on movies. But then there was something happened n I couldn’t find my blog link. And I just leave it just like that.
But now I think I’m gonna be serious with blogging. Wish me luck. Hehe. I don’t intend to tell much about my personal stuff here. Because I am a private person and I love my own space n privacy. Well maybe just a several entries bout that but I am more focusing on doing reviews. Reviews as in product reviews, movies reviews, music video reviews, etc etc etc. Not just reviews itself, I may be posting about other things also. Senang cerita, my blog will talk about random stuffs.  I will talk randomly whatever things that I would like to talk about.. =p

Oh, I guess I babbling so much already. Time to put a stop. I will come out with useful new entries as often as I can. I hope my blog is useful to other readers as well as to myself. Bye bye. Thank you. Muahx!  ^_^