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Friday, 28 August 2015

Cara Tukar File PDF Kepada JPG

Alright nak share benda senang je malam ni. Sebab baru je buat, so terasa nak share pulak. Kadang-kadang file yang kita upload tu dalam format pdf kan, jadi bila kita nak upload file tu dekat mana-mana tak boleh sebab nak upload gambar kena dalam from jpeg, png, dan seangkatan dengan nya. Jadi ni cara yang sangat mudah nak tukar file pdf ke jpg ye.

Cara- cara nya:

1. Masuk website

2. Ikut cara no 1-3 di gambar bawah ni

3. Clik butang 'Download' untuk download file tu dan save lah dekat mana2 folder yang anda suka. Hehe

Done! Selamat Mencuba =)

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Korea Summer Trip Day 1 - Ke Korea Ke Kita =)

Hello.. Anneyoung Haseyo..

Hehe lepas sebulan baru nak update pasal Korea Trip ni. I went to Korea for 4 days and 3 nights, a fully sponsored trip by KyoChon. Thanks a lot KyoChon Korea for this great trip and thank you so much KyoChon Malaysia for selecting me to enjoy this unforgettable trip. To those who don't know what KyoChon is, you can read it here as I've done a few reviews on KyoChon before. Note that the food review that I made on KyoChon is not paid ya, I went there by myself, paid by myself, and enjoying by myself. Hahah. But great things are meant to be shared. That's why I made reviews on them because they are the best chicken place in town! Like I told people million times, the chicken there are damn sedap and being approved by my brother after I brought him some take out with Lee Min Ho face printed on the box. Haha.

Alright2.. I'm not planning on typing too much. Let the pictures tell the story. Hikhik =)

At KLIA before take off on Monday night, from left - Me, Mr Terry (Boss KyoChon Malaysia, he's not joining our trip but went to Korea for his business trip I guess, Suki (Manager at KyoChon One Utama outlet), and Mia (the person who has the same luck as me, getting a full-paid trip to Korea. Hehe)

Buku merah jangan lupa bawa, moga-moga belum tamat tempoh~~ Serenading lyrics from my favourite song (Zizan feat Kaka - Bawa Aku Pergi) is a must at times like this. Haha
Btw this is my first time boarding on Korean Air. Too bad they were all stewardess, no steward at all. Huh =p

After 5 hours plus on plane, we arrived around 7 am and greeted by KyoChon Korea staffs that already waiting for us at the airport. Refresh our self with some coffee at Starbucks while waiting for the other team to arrive. This trip also attended by Philippines, China, Indonesia, and Thailand. After everyone has arrived, time to get on the bus! This is our bus through out the trip. Another 5 hours to go until we checked in the hotel as we headed to Daegu after everyone is ready. They said we will have our lunch at the express way stop. I was kind of excited actually because if you watch K-Show, you will familiar about the express way stop. I mean I want to know what kind of food they sell and how's the environment there. Hehe

Jejeng! We're here! In a restaurant at the stop. Can you see the scenery? It's like we're in a fine dining restaurant. We can see the lake at the toilet also. Haha

This is our food. We ordered seafood fried rice and also the fried fish set ^_^

Hmm.. nice fried fish.. yummy!

Done with our lunch, it's time to jalan-jalan! There's also love padlock here! Haha. I guess Korea is full with love. I guess Mr. Terry is missing his wife already. Lol ;)

Snacks store! Too bad we're full already. Can't fill in anymore.

But that doesn't stop Mr. Terry from buying us snacks. Ayoo. This is called hot bar. 1 for 3000 won, means it's around RM10 in Malaysia. So expensive right?

This is what Mr. Terry bought for me since I said I want to eat the potatoes. Actually I mean the steam baby potatoes since I've seen them a lot in dramas or k-shows but he bought this instead because he said this one is really good. I said yea I know it's good but I already eat this a few times because we got this one in Malaysia too. At the pasar malam. Then Mr. Terry didn't believe me. He asked they sell this in pasar malam? I said yes and even asked Suki to reconfirm. Haha. But still, I enjoyed eating this spiral potato so much because I am hantu potato and I must say that this one is a lot better than the pasar malam one. The spiral potato is thick and juicy and the cheese powder really really goes well with the potato. The one that I had in Malaysia is the BBQ powder so it tastes different. Thank you so much Mr. Terry for this! Hehe

After few more hours we arrived at Daegu and checked in our hotel. I forgot to take pictures of our hotel in Daegu because the schedule is really tight. We just have 15 minutes to change after checked in as we will have our dinner after that. Ouh God, 5 hours on plane, 5 hours on the bus, we still don't have time to take a shower yet. Luckily we have time to change our clothes. Hehe

Here we are! At M*C. It pronounce as M dot C. A restaurant under KyoChon which specialized in gimbap I guess. Whatever it is, their motto is "Food with the warmth of a mother's heart". I heard they will open one in Malaysia if I'm not mistaken. So hell yeah! Please do so!

Waiting for our food~~ Note that before going to Korea, there is a form that we need to fill in where there is a column about what we can eat, what cannot, what we can drinks, what we cannot drinks. So for Muslims, they are aware that we need to eat Halal food and without alcohol used in making the food =)

Ouh, while waiting for the food, there was a small birthday celebration. The one at the left is from Jakarta and the one at the right is from China. Happy Birthday to them and I was happy since I can eat the cake. Yeay! Haha

The food is here!! We have rectangular gimbap here, salad, noodle soup, kimchi and cucumber pickles. The noodle soup is a bit similar to our Kueteow Sup in Malaysia. The salad is really really nice. I asked what dressing they used but I can't recall it right now. It's either walnut dressing or just vinegar dressing. Hmph

This rectangular gimbap is their signature dish here. It is called Dam Gim Ssam if I'm not mistaken. It is made with 4 types of rice. White rice, brown rice and the other 2 I don't know. Hehehe. Layered with eggs, spinach and carrots.

This is familiar! Because I eat these a lot at KyoChon Malaysia. Hehe. But my favourite is Honey Chicken Wings and Red Wings (spicy). This one is original flavour and red wings. No Honey Wings here. Hukhuk

This one is the most rare dish (for me) and yet the most delicious snack. Who can imagine we can make a meal using chicken soft bones. In Malay, this one can be translate as Cucur Tulang Rawan. Haha. It's really crunchy and yummy and taste real good with the hot & spicy dipping sauce. I vote this one as the best dish in M*C. Hehe

What is this? I think this is not included in the menu since it's the previous birthday cake! Lol. But I love it! So soft and creamy. Yums!

Suki is ready to eat and Mia is not doing something with a torchlight, that's a camera. Lol

The picture is a bit blur, sorry. Me with our KyoChon staff who incharge in taking care of us ( Malaysia team), Kim Gyutae a.k.a Teddy. =)

As I said, this is their motto ;)

We're done with our dinner, while waiting for our transport. We take a look at their bike/drive thru. 

Other places, while ordering at the drive thru, we can only hear the voice of the person who's taking our order isn't it? At M*C, we can even see the person. There, I marked it with the red arrow. Hehe

What more, the kitchen for drive thru is a see-through kitchen. Hehe. So we can see how our order is being prepared =)

So the car just now is ordering this Dam Gim Ssam. Now I know how they cut the gimbap, they have their own easy way to cut those and I love the take away box. If you can see, the black box at the right is the take out box. The box makes the food looks classy and expensive. 

Our Limo Van arrived! According to our schedule,it's the end of the day after the dinner. But since the night is still young, they suggested to take us out for a walk or shopping! Teddy asked, 'Call?' And right away I replied "Call!" . Fefeeling Korean gitu sebab selalu tengok drama Korea sebut call when they make a deal. Haha

So here we are. They sell casual outfits here, a lot of shoe stores also. Like our Sg Wang Plaza but of course the price in Korea is a lot higher than ours. Wuuu.. T_T

It's raining a bit in Daegu. We decided to take a walk outside the mall to enjoy the night view.

Follow me, won't you? Haha

After taking a walk, we're here to eat again. At a dessert cafe, Sulbing.

Bingsu time!! Oh my God, this bingsu is soooo delicious. Fresh and sweet mango on top of the shaved ice. The cheese cake also is nice. So so yummy. Btw, ZE:A's Yim Siwan is the ambassador of this brand. This cafe is one of the famous dessert cafes in Korea, I see...

Start digging! 

After having a nice dessert, we decided to take a walk through the alleys before heading to our hotel.

It feels like we're in a Korean Dramas. Hikhik

Done with Day 1 in Korea, please stay tune to my Day 2 in Korea since it's the main event why we're coming to Korea. To meet the ambassador of KyoChon!! Who is he? I can't wait but to tell you right now. It's Lee Min Ho! Yup, that City Hunter Lee Min Ho. Will update my Day 2 as soon as possible. 

Bye bye!

p/s: jangan lupa sertai My First GiveAway Contest kalau nak menang set kurung untuk raya haji ni ;)

Monday, 24 August 2015

Nak Menang Baju Raya Aidil Adha? Cepat Sertai GiveAway Dyana Hassan!

Hi hi hi! 

I'm sooo excited right now because....I'm going to organize my very first blog giveaway! Yeayyy! Kita yang nak bagi orang hadiah, kita yang terlebih excited pulak khenn. Hehe.

Okay without wasting any more time, jom tengok giveaway apa dan syarat2 nya. Hehe ^_^

First of all, apakah hadiah yang disediakan?

1x Kurung Saloma Hijau
 1x Kurung Saloma Coklat Mustard
1x Kurung Saloma Dusty Pink

Haa.. 3 SET BAJU KURUNG SALOMA untuk diberi! Jadi, kiranya ada 3 pemenang untuk giveaway kali ni. Dah tajuk entry pun Aidil Adha GiveAway kan, haruslah bagi baju kurung. Hehe. Okay, sekarang apakah syarat-syarat penyertaan nye?


1. Warganegara Malaysia (kalau dari negera lain dik non tak reti nak pos hadiah ni weyh)

2. Mesti follow blog DyanaHassan

3. Follow Instagram - @dyana_fd

4. Follow Instagram - @closetcloud.fd

5. Buat 1 entry bertajuk "Aidil Adha GiveAway by Dyana Hassan"
Content entry:
(i)  3 sebab (atau lebih) kenapa blog Dyana Hassan berbaloi untuk di follow
(ii) Backlink ke entry ini (letak link entry giveaway ini di dalam entry anda)
(iii)Tag 5 rakan blogger anda di entry blog anda

6. Lepas selesai, sila tinggalkan link entry anda  dan id instagram anda dalam ruangan komen entry ini sahaja.

7. GiveAway ini bermula selama 3 minggu iaitu dari tarikh 25/8/2015 sehingga 15/9/2015 jam 11.59

8. Pemenang akan dipilih secara rawak.

9. Pengumuman pemenang akan dibuat pada hari Rabu 16/9/2015. Pemenang akan di tag di entry blog dan juga dimaklumkan di IG masing-masing. Perlu respon dalam masa 24 jam, hadiah akan bertukar tangan sekiranya terlalu lambat respon kerana pengeposan hadiah akan dibuat pada hari seterusnya.

10. Pengeposan hadiah akan dibuat melalui poslaju pada Khamis 17/9/2015.

Itu je! Senang kan? Kepada yang nak baju raya haji free, cepat2 sertai GiveAway ni ye! 

See you! ^_^

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Makan Seafood Di Bagan Lalang. Yummeyh!~

Hey Hello..

Nak update pasal makan seafood semalam sementara tengah rajin. Hehe. Alright, disebabkan dah lama tak makan seafood secara besar-besaran, akhirnya malam semalam sampai lah kita ke Restoran Senandung Malam di Bagan Lalang. Sebabnya ada orang yang bermurah hati nak open table untuk Peliqat Hikers. Hehehe. Murah lah rejeki abang pilot kite tu ye sebab belanja kitorang. Aminnn. Haha

Ni first time makan seafood dekat Bagan Lalang. I will write the review right now lah before posting the photos ek. So makanan2 semua dah di order awal. Ada Ikan Siakap 3 rasa, sweet sour, stim halia, ada sotong tepung, ada sayur kailan, ada ketam cili, ada lala masak cili, ada kerang bakar, telur dadar. Apa lagi ek. Ouh pari bakar pun ada. Tapi memang betul2 berseafood la kan. Overall makanan dia okay, ada yang memang sedappp ada yang biasa2 je tapi still okay. Kalau nak compare kan dengan Restoran Ikan Bakar Pantai Jeram, di Pantai Jeram macam lagi sedap sikitttt je. Tapi dari segi overall, di Bagan Lalang best.

Sebab apa best? Kawasan persekitaran best. Sebab betul2 terletak di tengah kawasan2 resort dan betul2 depan pantai. Memang layan. Hehe. Dah lama sangat rasanya tak lepak pantai. Dah 7 tahun kot rasanya. So kali ni bila dapat rasa pasir pantai and lepak pantai malam2, teringat zaman2 masa ambil course foundation law dekat UiTM Merbok dulu. Masa tu weekend kalau nak lepak best sikit, kitorang keluar pegi Penang lah duduk2 layan beach. Time flies so fast isn't it? The worse part is we becoming older day by day. Hikhik

Okay tu je review nye, sekarang layan gambarrr! Zaaass!~

Sebelum makan haruslah bergambar dulu....!

Bajet2 love shot gitew

Free style. Heh

Us. But only suku (1/5) of the team. Others not yet arrived.

Tadaaa! Makan time! Tengok la betapa panjang nya meja. Habis laa si pembelanja kena ketuk. Hehe. Btw boleh tengok semua meja dekat sini penuh kan. Seeloknya kalau nak makan sini kena call untuk reserve dulu. Huhu

Tadi semua sibuk makanan, sekarang baru perasan ada camera sedang rolling kan. Hehe

Dah semua licin dah! Ouh, sorry laa post kali ni takde close up photos on food ala2 foorporn macam biasa tu. Sebab dah tak zabar nak makan. Tak pikir nak snap gambar dah. Huhuhu

Thanks for the treat Faiz! 

Cakk! Haruslah selfie berdua pulak. Hehe

Lepas makan, layan pantai sekejap sebelum balik. Memang best kalau dapat rileks, duduk, layan pantai ni lepas perut dah kenyang. Tapi sebab Abang Nik kita kena kerja esok pagi. Kena la balik awal. Iskh ='(

Okay, kalau sape2 nak makan seafood and lepak dekat beach malam2, inilah tempatnya! Haha. Untuk orang dekat especially, tak payah nak booking2 tempat tidur, datang lepak pun dah best tau. Untuk orang KL yang nak rasa bercuti dekat palm or resort tapi malas nk pergi jauh2 luar kawasan KL/Selangor, boleh jugak try tempat ni okayh. Best! ;)

p/s: jangan lupa sertai My First GiveAway Contest kalau nak menang set kurung untuk raya haji ni ;)

Senaman Mudah Untuk Turun Berat Badan

Hey hey harini nak share salah satu senaman yang boleh di try untuk turun berat badan.
Biasa lah before ni kan kita puasa, lepas tu raya, lepas tu weekend banyak pulak open house. Memang tak sempat nak exercise kan. So sekarang memang lemak membiak dengan jayanya. Sedih =.='

So lepas godek2 dekat youtube senaman yang macam berkesan, nak share lah dekat sini. Sebab memang berpeluh lepas buat exercise ni. Tapi untuk certain orang memang tak dapat ikut 100% exercise ni but don't worry tau. It's okay. Just buat setakat mampu. Yang penting kita cuba try test!

Yang best nye, senaman2 ni boleh buat dekat rumah tanpa sebarang equipment pun. Senang la sikit kan, kalau keluar nak kena pakai baju proper. Kalau kat rumah buat dengan baju tidur je. Heheh.

Okay berdasarkan pengalaman, video yang kedua ni lagi keluar banyakkk peluh. Btw untuk beginner, buat slow2 tau. Kalau penat stop kejap rest, lepas tu sambung balik. Don't push yourself too hard. Tapi jangan malas untuk start dan cuba workout ni tau! 1 lagi tips, video ni takde lagu, so sila buka lagu kegemaran anda kuat2 untuk membantu semangat anda untuk bersenam.

Till then. Selamat Mencuba! Muahx!~

p/s: jangan lupa sertai My First GiveAway Contest kalau nak menang set kurung untuk raya haji ni ;)

Death Note Drama Series?? 2015

Haaa ingat tak Japanese movie Death Note dulu? Ada 3 movie Death Note kan? Death Note, Death Note 2 and Death Note: L Change The World. Tahun ni rupanya ada remake Death Note but in series u olls! Hehe.

Dah tengok sampai episod 7 dah. Jalan cerita tak lari sangat. Bila tengok tu dapat recall lah macam pernah tengok scene2 tu dulu kan. Tapi pelakon semua orang lain tau. Frankly speaking I prefer the casts from the movies but still ok. Yang drama ni dapat mengisi masa lapang (lapang lah sangat kan). Still eager nak tau apa kesudahan ceritanya.

So kalau sape2 rasa nak join tengok jugak especially yang ada banyak masa lapang dan tengok Korean or Japanese series adalah satu kewajiban untuk nya, jom tengok!!

Okay ni leading actors nya, yang tengah tu Yagami Light (Light-to a.k.a Kira), yang kiri tu L then yang kanan tu Near. But seriously I don't recall at all pasal Near ni. Ada ke dalam movie? Hmmph
*photo credits to*

Dann ni lah link website favourite kita. Memang semua cerita2 korea tengok kat sini. Heheh. Citer Jepun, death note ni je kita tengok. Haha

Death Note Japanese Series --> klik link ni terus direct ke website Drama Cool and terus boleh tengok. Happy Watching! ^_^

p/s: jangan lupa sertai My First GiveAway Contest kalau nak menang set kurung untuk raya haji ni ;)