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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Jom bantu Kamal Affandi Hashim!!

Tengah usha2 facebook tadi, ternampak kawan share 1 blog entry ni. Blog Mazidul TV3 tu. Tajuk entry beliau macam familiar sebab ada sebut pasal Kamal Affandi? Sape encik Kamal ni? Beliau merupakan penganalisis jenayah. Agak terkenal. Selalu masuk tv dan selalu bagi ceramah di merata tempat.

Saya pun pernah jumpa Kamal Affandi ni beberapa tahun lepas. Lebih kurang 7-8 tahun lepas masa dia datang sekolah saya, Sekolah Seri Puteri Cyberjaya untuk bagi ceramah keselamatan. Orangnya energetic dan kelakar. Banyak tips2 yg berguna dan byk ilmu yg dikongsi tentang cara2 mengelak jenayah which is very very useful especially to us, girls. He's such a nice guy. 

Pernah dgr juga sebelum ni yang kebelakang ni beliau ada sakit2 yg berkaitan congenital. Beliau di sahkan mengidap penyakit AVM, lebihan urat di kepala menyebabkan beliau menanggung sakit kepala yg tahap kritikal  Masalah yg timbul, syarikat2 insurans memang tak akan cover penyakit macam ni. Jadi kos pembedahan memang kena tanggung sendiri. Walaupun sakit, beliau masih lagi aktif memberi ceramah, berkongsi ilmu sambil mencari dana utk pembedahan beliau dgn hasil usaha sendiri.

Dari pembacaan di blog Mazidul, jumlah terkumpul sekarang RM 2430, memerlukan lagi RM38,000 utk beliau melakukan pembedahan. Jika 38,000 rakyat Malaysia menderma RM1 seorg, insyaAllah beliau dapat melakukan pembedahan secepat mungkin. Itu harapan kita.

Untuk yg ingin membantu, ni merupakan akaun bank beliau: Kamal Affandi Hashim - Public Bank 4007 85 2927

Selebihnya anda boleh membaca di blog Bersama Mazidul.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

3 Tips To Have A Niceeeeee Day =D

Oh nooo oo oo.. I've made a promise to keep updating my bloggy at least 1 entry per day but I broke the promise. Aduh duhh. Forgive me bloggy. I work and sleep, work and sleep, work and sleep till I don't have the energy to write. Huhu. I feel sleepy right now btw. I should be sleeping right now before off to work later but I guess I should come out with 1 entry at least before that. Huehue =p

I have a looootttt of things to share and to blog about actually. But for tonight, let's just have this topic since I don't have much time to spare on my lappy right now. So, I want to share some tips that I've experience.

Instead of just hoping that we're gonna lead a nice and great day everyday, what things that we should do to really have a nice day?~~~

1. Listen to your "inspirational song" before head off to work/lectures/classes 

You know that we have wave all around us, isn't it? I mean everything around us creates waves. Not only wifi or bluetooth, human body itself creates wave. I believe that inspirational song has its own positive waves. When you listen to the melody and the lyrics, you'll feel happy, you'll feel inspired, you'll feel energetic, you'll feel goodddd. When you have those things in you, automatically your body will create a positive wave. Ouh, dalam erti kata lain, badan kita akan mengeluarkan aura positif. Haaa. That's the line! When you have positive aura lingers around you, this aura will effect those people around you as well. It means they will feel your positive aura. They will automatically treat you nicely because the aura triggers them to have positive attitudes towards you. If they are nice to you, you will deal with nice situations everywhere you go, then you will absolutely having a nice day. Simple, isn't it?

I've experienced this and what can I say is...daebakk!! It works! Hehe. And I'm in a good mood the whole day since all things go smoothly. Hehe. Before that, I keep listening to a song that I feel attached to. I feel inspired listening to the song. I don't know the lyrics at first because it's a korean song. I know this song through the drama, Dating Agency Cyrano. When I hear the song, the melody is like when you are down, it's ok, you will shine soon, you will get better soon. That was my first impression when I listen to the melody. And after take a look at the lyrics, it's kinda a bit similar lah but it's about love lah basically. Hehe. But my ex said he thinks it is a sad song when listen to it but I said nooo. It's a positive song. LOL. Whatever it is, people are different, so find you own 'magic song' !!! =ppp

This is my "magic song" for the time being. Hehe. *take note that I always change my preference* LOL

2. Smile, smile and smile

Okay okay, I'm gonna tell this beforehand, actually my purpose for updating this entry is basically to talk about the 1st point only (you know the waves, positive, aura thingy one above). But it kinda weird if I put my title "1 tip to have a nice day" for this entry. LOL. 1 tip? A tip? Ape tu? Hahah. Ouh, I can change the title to "A secret to have a nice day", kan? Apelaa. Haha.

Since we are already this far, so let's just continue with the plan A lah. Jadi, point no. 2 and no. 3 would be very very simple one lah. This smiley thingy is also related to waves lah I believe. If you smile to people you will convert the positive aura towards the people. Even they might not smile back to you at that time, believe me, your smile triggers their heart. Cewahhhh. Macam nak mengorat org pulak. But it's true! Especially if you like that person, smile at him/her thinking that you are the prettiest and comellest girl ever. He/she will think the same. That is the after effect. LOL! *btw don't get mad at me if this doesn't working, just think that he/she already has someone else they like* Hoho. ;)

About smiling at your crush tu is an additional tips actually. Basically you have to smile to all people okay? =)

3. Starts you day with Bismillah..

This point is specially for Muslim. Yep, I guess we all know that we have to recite "Bismillah hir Rahman nir Rahim" before doing something. Kan? But we always taking it for granted since it's very easy and simple. But it's actually effects our daily lives a lot. Things that you do will become easier and lighter if you recite this beforehand. In other words, this is like a therapy for us.

So! Recite "Bismillah" 21x before you start your day (before keluar rumah/semasa keluar rumah/semasa tgh panaskan enjin kete). Annddd.. recite "Bismillah hir Rahman nir Rahim" before you doing ANY things. Hehe.

Done! This is my own tips that 100% writen by me. I don't google this. This is 100% based on my experience. If you are compatible with this tips then I believe you will get the same results like me. But different people different ways. BUT this is something you can try before you find yours.


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Eating at Piccadilly.. yummy n cheap2~


Last Saturday night was great! Eating time with siblingzz. To be accurate my brother and I had dinner with our friends which preferably I would call them as our siblings. Hehe. Yummy food with lovely people. Love that! ^_^

 With lovely younger sista, Mimi. But she called me "adek" on the other hand. =.=. Pic was taken by my brother using his Lumia 920 outside our house before take off. The photo is pretty nice even though it was taken in low light area. Hurm, Nokia is still the best! I guess??? Hehe =p

Here we are! At Piccadilly! Beside me is my biological brother. We do look alike, aren't we? Haha. Waiting for Maen and Lulu to arrive while looking at the menu. (is it? it's more like looking and concentrating at our mobile phones -_-) Too bad didn't snap Maen and Lulu photo. Lulu is my another sista, she's our big sista but physically the smallest among us. LOL 

Jeng jeng jeng! 1 Monte Cristo for me! Photo taken using Note 2 (standard mode I guess). This meal is categorized as sandwiches. Since I already had nasi kandar in the afternoon and ayam penyet in the evening, so I decided to eat sandwich for dinner. Pretty good choice I believe, it's tasty and  the portion was just nice for my full tummy. Hehe. As you can see, the gardenia-look bread was dipped and fried with egg while inside the bread, there are chicken ham and cheese. Served together with salad and french fries. Eat those with chilli sauce, is a must for me! Okay, this meal cost me...only RM 5.90! For this kind of presentation, I bet it's cheap compared to other western restaurants. I had Iced Peach for my drink which cost me RM 3. It's just canned peach fruits put into iced water. LOL. Simple but refreshing though. =)

This is Mimi's. Photo taken by iPhone 5. Looks yummier isn't it? Hehe. I've tried it, one bite, it's yummy! Totally my style. Nomnom. This meal is called Baked Seafood. I don't really know what's underneath the mouth-watering cheesseeslurp but this meal is nice as a snack. Baked Seafood cost RM11.90 btw. ;) For drinks, she ordered something like a hot cup of tea I guess which is called Hot Earl Grey, cost RM 2.50. come the real meal of the night! This is what we call the fine dining you knoww.. (imitates Leticiacia from the youtube sensation =p ) . This is my big brother's meal. Of course this is what we expect he would order. LOL. Photo taken using Lumia 920 and I have to admit, the photo looks really niceee. Okayy.. This is Lamb Shoulder Chop with blackpaper/mushroom sauce. Or you can have both sauces like this photo. Served together with french fries and veggies. The lamb is delliciouss, no doubt but the veggies too salty for me. But it's ok, it's forgivable. Hoho. This meal cost RM 15.90 and Fresh Orange for refreshment that cost RM 3.80. =)

Done eating, back to social networking..! LOL =p

Overall, Piccadilly leaves me with a good impression on their food. Really2 affordable and the plate presentation is nice as well. Ouh, like other restaurants, 10% service charge is applied here. And for Muslims, here they claim that they serve Halal food as no pork is served here. But Piccadilly is categorized as restaurants and bar. So they serve beer and alcohol for Non-Muslims. 

Besides western food, they also serve Asian cuisine such as Indian, Chinese, and Malay food as well. If you want to visit this restaurant, this is the address:

LG006 & 007, Millennium Square, Dataran Millenium PJ, 98, Jalan 14/1, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


Till then! Choww~

p/s: jangan lupa sertai My First GiveAway Contest 2015 kalau nak menang set kurung untuk raya haji ni ;)