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Monday, 4 February 2013

Running Man Ep 131 [Eng Sub]

This is gonna be a really QUICK entry! Guess what? Running Man ep 131 is out now with english subtitles! Yeayyy!! I'm so excited right now. I'm gonna continue watching it after publishing this entry. Sometimes it took more than 2 days for the english sub. But I'm kinda surprised right now because the sub is already out. Kshownow. net is damnnnn fast. Hehe.. So bye bye! I'm gonna watch that episode now. 

Click the link below if you wanna watch with me =p 


  1. hi, I've watched this episode. Woo, Kim Jong Kook find a suitable opponent for him.

    Ohy, I'm a Big Fan of Running Man. This Variety show, I always wait every week.

    Do you also love this show???

  2. Hi, yea..haha! Yea, that was the interesting part!

    Me too. I'm a big fan of RM too. I started watching it since its first episode 2 years ago. That time not so much people know about this variety show ( referring to Malaysians). But now everyone knows about RM. Even my male friends know and watch this show.

    Next episode would be their special episode in Macau isn't it? I really can't wait to watch it.. He he, so excited!