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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Movie Review: Olympus Has Fallen

Hey hey hey! New movie on the block! Thanks to a friend of mine who treated me to a great dinner *Seoul Garden again after such a long time.Yeay* and also with a nice new hollywood movie last night. He He. Kamsahamnida AJ! ^_^  I have such great friends around me all the time. *wink*

Actually, we're going to watch Warm Bodies at first but sadly the theater was damn full. Only the front seats were available so we switched to another movie - Olympus Has Fallen. So let's check out what Olympus Has Fallen provides us! Hee

Genre: Action/Thriller
Language: English
Classification: 18 (R-rated)
Running time: 2 hours
Release date: 22 March 2013
Director: Antoine Fuqua
Cast: Gerard Butler (300), Morgan Freeman (The Dark Knight), Aaron Eckhart (The Dark Night), Rick Yuen (The Fast & The Furious)

When The White House (Secret Service Code: "Olympus") is captured by a terrorist mastermind and the President is kidnapped, disgraced former presidential guard Mike Banning (Butler) finds himself trapped within the building. As our national security team scrambles to respond, they are forced to rely on Banning's inside knowledge to help retake the White House, save the President (Aaron Eckhart) and avert an even bigger disaster. (c)FilmDistrict

My review
Everyone is saying that this movie reminds them to Die Hard. I've never watch any of Die Hard movies before so I couldn't compare them. People saying that these two films have a great deal in common which the story line is all about terrorist takes hostages, make outrageous demands and only ONE MAN can put a stop to this. The different is that, the hostages are all the superiors of the United States including the President himself. *woa*

This story is about Mike Banning who is struggling alone to save the President as well as the President's son after the White House is overthrown by a terrorist gang led by a cruel North Korean mastermind (Rick Yuen). * I wonder whether this movie will give a negative impact to the North Korea or not. Hurmm*

The action itself is good, intense, and full with the element of suspense. There's a tension in those scenes as the Hero-Banning moves and roam around within the building in order to save the President and crash the terrorist's plan. The violent attack towards Washington also is effectively staged, from the air attack towards the ground attack until they manages to take over the White House within 13 minutes. And the US armed forces be able to reach the White House only after 15 minutes.  *Heh*

OF COURSE from what I stated above, it is extremely illogical and the right word is really unrealistic. How come a small number of terrorists can easily take down the White House after a few minutes??? Yes, the key to watch this movie is that, you have to believe and bare in mind that this kind of thing CAN happen. Only then you can fully enjoy the movie. Even though the questions keep hitting your mind like, "how come??" "is it possible like this??" "how come the US armed forces are so lame??" "tipulaaaahhh" . Haha. Believe me, ignore those questions and enjoy the movie.

Even though there are some lacking here and there but this movie is still entertaining though. But the story is 100% predictable!! Hehe.

My opinion
If you like Die Hard-kind-of movie, then you should try to watch this one. The story is still pretty interesting to watch even though the plot is familiar and the ending is 100% predictable. But the movie does provides a good action movie. ;)

I would rate this movie with 3/5


  1. Hi there, this is my 1st time here, comin' from Cik Nisa Kay's...

    So, Hi again! Haha...

    Anyway, I watched this movie last Saturday. Personally, nothin' much to shout about. I think it's just so-so... Still enjoyable tho... & I agree with you that the storyline is totally predictable...

    Btw, have you watched The Call? ;)

  2. Haii ^_^

    Thanks for visiting my bloggy. ;)

    Yerp.. it's damn predictable. Hehe. But I enjoyed the show though.
    Not to bad. Still worth to be watch as a movie.

    I've already watched The Call and done a review on it. Hehe. I like that movie!
    What about you?

    Ouh, if you wanna check out my review on this movie, boleh laa hit this link ye.. hehe..

  3. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    thank you :)