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Monday, 18 February 2013

Beauty Update: Tips to Lose Some Weight

Helloooo. Right now I would like to share a couple of ideas on how to lose some weight. This is just based on my experience and also some tips I got through my reading on related articles.
So…are you ready? Let’s rock this idea and lose some weight!! Teheee =D

Fast food is a NO-NO
Everyone loves fast food isn’t it? We got lotsa nice and dellllicious fast food around us. I guess everyone knows that fast food contains lotsa calories and fat. Semua org tau tapi saje buat-buat tak tawu kannnn… Hehe. Since we cannot avoid eating this tasty food, what we can do is reducing the amount of fast food that we take every week. Eat LESS fast food! If you eat it 3 times a week, then change the habit! Just eat once or twice a week. Practice yourself till you will be able to eat fast food once in 2 weeks, once a month or even once in a year (possible or impossible or it just doesn’t make any sense?? o.O)   Kihkihkih.. =p

Junk food is a NO-NO too
When we’re feeling boring or while watching TV we tend to find something to eat. I knowww…life can be so borrring sometimes and junk food became our best friend. Don’t make friend with them. Just stay away from them! They are bad for our body, brain, health, and even make us putting some weight. Instead of eating junk food, you can eat low-fat yogurt, vegetables, fruits or other low fat/ less calories food.

Vegetables and fruits is a YES-YES
Change your habit of eating junk food by eating vegetables. To those who can’t eat veggies, then you can eat fruits or baby tomatoes or baby carrot (Ouh, forgot. They are veggies too -_-) Hehe. Eat this regularly. You don’t have to eat theseee every day. But at least please put those on your list, try it out and get used to it. Then you will find eating them is fun actually. Huhu ;p . Ah, another thing is, eat fruit instead of drinking fruit juice unless you blend it by yourself. Then it is allowed. Why am I saying like this? It is because fruit juice that you order at the restaurant, or mamak or in arab restaurant (big-size fruit juices are famous in Arabic restaurant in Cyberjaya) contains LOTSA sugar. Same goes to air kotak or a bottle of juice that you get from mart, contains lotsa calories as well.

Eat a big meal before noon
The more you eat in the morning, you then to eat less in the evening. (Hopefully). Plus, since you eat earlier, you have more opportunities to burn off those calories than you do to burn off dinner calories. This is because we will be walking around to go to work, while doing work, and walking to for lectures for students. To be short, because we are active in a day time and it will be easier for the calories of the food we ate before to be burned away~~

Eat spicy food. Ngehee (optional)
    Eat spicy food instead of eating butter and creamy food. And spicy thing will turn up your digestive fires, causing the body to burn more calories and spicy food also helps reduce your appetite. I read this through an article before and I guess it does make sense.  If you can’t eat spicy food, then don’t follow this idea.

Brainwashed your brain
Say something positive to yourself and repeat the phrases like a mantra all day long. Hehe.. Mari bermantera semerah padi! Have positive thoughts like “I can lose weight”, “I can have nice body”, “I will go jogging today”, “I believe I can fit a S-sized top” “saya yakin saya boleh kurus slim mcm erra fazira n che ta dalam primadona”, “saya yakin saya suka makan sayur”, “saya yakin saya boleh gayakan hidup yang sihat” (so poyo n cliché..haha!!)  , “I know I can resist sweet drinks” , and so ooonnn. Try this and they will become their own self-fulling prophecy. Kinda cool.

Jogging is a BIG YES
The easiest way to lose weight is by jogging. If you’re afraid to jog outside as you will get sunburned (like me), then you can go to the gym or buy yourself a treadmill (tak mahal la pulak kan? Haha). But jogging will really help you to lose so much weight in a short period of time. Trust me!

This is what I always do when I feel like I’ve put some weight. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not dancing in the club. Hehe. Because I never go clubbing, what I mean is a choreographed dance. Just go on youtube, then you can find dance tutorials for any songs that you like. (Especially k-pop songs, =p ) . You will be sweating like, A LOT even when you only follow the routine for seconds. I’m not lying or joking. This is soo true and works well with me. =DD

This is only tips or ideas on how to lose some weight. You can try one or couple of these if you think it is useful but if it don’t, don’t blame on me. Hehe  =p

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