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Wednesday, 16 January 2013


This is a new South Korea variety show started in the year 2012 and still airing. This show now becomes my favourite variety show after Running Man. Frankly speaking, at first I don’t know who Shinhwa is. The first time I saw the 6 of them is when I was watching MBC Radio Star. They were there as the guest and 1 of them looks familiar. That person is Eric (Shinhwa leader) as I remember that I’ve seen his drama before, Spy Myeongwol. The first impression when I see them is that they are entertaining and very calm. Maybe because they have been in the industry for 14 years already since their 1998 debut as an idol-group under SM Entertainment. They look very comfortable dealing with the MCs and they are so funny.

So, during the show (Radio Star), they were also promoting Shinhwa Broadcast. About a week later, I give it a try. And I kind of addicted to the show since then. Even though there are some episodes that might be boring but most of them are entertaining enough. The best part is they are funny. The show makes me happy just like Running Man did to me. 

My bias in Shinhwa is of course Eric. He is tall, manly and funny too. Totally my type! LOL . Kim Dongwan might look like a shy person but tell you what, he is the most retarded ones. =D Because he always makes retarded jokes. That makes him funnier. Ha ha. Oh, btw he is also the main cast for the new drama in Korea, “Cheer up, Mr. Kim”.  Lee Minwoo is a fashionista and also talks well. Jun Jin and Hyesung sometimes being funny too but they didn’t left much impression yet. But still they are ok and I like them. Jun Jin is said to be dealing well with variety shows. Lastly,  Andy is the maknae and looks like a quiet person but of course he is not. Sometimes he’s being spastic as well. Ha ha.

To sum it up, if you are boring and looking for something entertaining to watch, then why don’t you give this a try! I started watching from the episode 15 because the guest was SHINee ;p

This is a cut from the show. Eric was teasing Minwoo saying he is a stupid whereas in this full episode Eric is the one who looks and think like a dummy. LOL
* All credits goes to the uploader and the subbers, kamsahamnida =D 

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