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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

MV Review: Lee Seung Gi – Return

I’m not a Lee Seung Gi’s die-hard fan, so I’m not so biased and claim that all his work are daebak. BUT this new song of Seung Gi’s is a masterpiece!  I’ve known Seung Gi because of his dramas, “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox, King Two Hearts and also from his previous hosting show, “Strong Heart”.  Even though I’m aware that he is also a singer but I’ve never try to listen to his songs at all back then.

This song is the first song ever of Seung Gi’s that I listen to.  The moment its melody approached my ears, I fall in love with it right away. I am truly and really really really falling in love with the song and the MV. I love the piano part at the beginning of the MV. The melody, the piano sound, together with Seung Gi soft voice, completes the song well. It is a perfect combination and I cannot imagine any other singers that suit this song best other than Lee Seung Gi. It is like the song and Seung Gi are made for each other. Weee  XD

Ok, let’s move on with the storyline of the MV. I guess Seung Gi also works with talented people as well. The drama in the MV absolutely blends well with the song. The song really gives us the sentimental feeling and brings us to our past memories. So does the MV! The MV is kinda show that Seung Gi came back to his childhood town where he experienced his first love. So, the place brings him to his past memory.
The interesting part of the MV is that, instead of having a separate scene of singing (Seung Gi’s part) and drama (where the two kids acting), they done it together. Seung Gi is singing this song while seeing and ‘witnessing’ the drama played by the two kids. It gives the idea that Seung Gi is really LOOKING back at his past memories. This is a brilliant idea as it gives more sentimental value for the MV and I was watching it with teary eyes.. T_T

There’s so much more that I can say bout this MV but looks like this entry is already long enough.. he he he.. Last but not least, this MV has successfully captured my pure heart (=p)  with its great sad song together with a great drama/storyline.  This song and MV will absolutely stick into my mind forever. The song, the MV, and Lee Seung Gi voice are all beautiful. =)

So this is the MV! Please enjoy this great song! 
* All credits goes to the uploader and the subbers, kamsahamnida =D 

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