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Thursday, 31 January 2013

SBS Running Man to film in other Asian countries this year?

Don't walk, RUN!

Running Man is like a world phenomena and their popularity is not a joke. The show is a success with a great rating and being exported to various countries. People all around the world especially Asians are addicted to the show. So do I ngeheheh..,

Hence, whenever there is a rumor regarding RM to be filmed outside South Korean, all fans are hoping that their countries will be selected by the production. This is the only chance to meet all that 7 RM members in front of our eyes, isn’t it? That show is really cool and funny, that’s the reason why it became so famous and really well-known. They had filmed in Thailand and Hong Kong in previous year and of course it was a total success! All fans gathered and crowded the mission place. There was also a rumor saying that they will come to Malaysia in April last year but it’s a fake rumor. Ah, it was really disappointing, pity us.. T_T

A screenshot of RM in Thailand episode.

And, good news people! RM will be filming abroad again! BUT only Macau and Vietnam have been chosen as the locations. Macau and Vietnam fans are so lucky then, have a chance to see them later on.  =) The source stated that they will be travelling there early of February. So, I’m eagerly anticipating watching the new good episodes. Can’t wait!

p/s: I really miss Song Joong Ki.. I hope he can join RM and back being the original member of RM again. I also want Jung Yonghwa (CN Blue) to be a fixed cast member in RM.. hehe =p

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