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Monday, 28 January 2013

Movie Review: Mama (Horror Movie)

Ermm..what can I say bout this movie. Well, it’s a scary movie..hehe.. I like the drama at the beginning of the story. The kids are just toooooo cute.. *melting*

The storyline is an attention-grabbing, we keep asking what was actually happened to the kids, who was taking care of them during the 5 years they had been left alone in the forest? For the beginning, quarter, half, and two thirds of the movie is realllyyyyy absorbing. The strength of the movie also relies on the great acting by the casts. Lucas, Annabelle, and the kids (Victoria and Lilly) are playing their character very very well. Well done.

But I don’t really like the ending. For me, it’s kinda illogical but don’t worry it is still acceptable. ;p So, this movie can be said as a story that is worth to be watched in the cinema. If you’re thinking of seeing a horror movie, you can give this a try. Happy watching! =)

I would rate this movie – 3.5/5

This is the trailer!

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