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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

How To Start Blogging? I’m A Noob..

So, this is like my first entry ever! Yeayy! Now I have a blog! *Clapping by myself* (weirdo). The idea of writing a blog came to my mind since I don’t have anything else to do. Ha ha. I have lotsa leisure time and been spending my days by watching Korean variety shows every day =p . Since my time being wasted every single day without doing anything else (for the time being), I think of exercising my brain by writing a blog.  Well, besides reading, writing is also good for brain though.  Kan?

After I’m ready to hit up with it I found out that I am actually already having a blog! Hah?! Hehe.. I’m actually aware bout this, I already created one last time in 2011 thinking that I wanna do reviews on movies. But then there was something happened n I couldn’t find my blog link. And I just leave it just like that.
But now I think I’m gonna be serious with blogging. Wish me luck. Hehe. I don’t intend to tell much about my personal stuff here. Because I am a private person and I love my own space n privacy. Well maybe just a several entries bout that but I am more focusing on doing reviews. Reviews as in product reviews, movies reviews, music video reviews, etc etc etc. Not just reviews itself, I may be posting about other things also. Senang cerita, my blog will talk about random stuffs.  I will talk randomly whatever things that I would like to talk about.. =p

Oh, I guess I babbling so much already. Time to put a stop. I will come out with useful new entries as often as I can. I hope my blog is useful to other readers as well as to myself. Bye bye. Thank you. Muahx!  ^_^

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