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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash ~ What a BOMB night!!

WARNING: This is gonna be a lengthyyyyyyy entry.

I've been going here and there for this past few days. From Kedah to Cyber to KL to Batu Pahat to Cyber.
Last night we're in Batu Pahat and today back in Cyberjaya already. Energy drained. Spastic nyo muko den. *pic not related to the title..tettt*

So...Finally.......I'll be able to write about Nuffnang's fantastic birthday celebration which was held last Saturday at LUST, KL. Pheww~

As I've been mentioned several times oledi, I'm a newbie and such a noob in blogging world as well as in Nuffnang world. HuHe. I was worried at first because I don't know anyone there. The only person that I know is my friend a.k.a my partner for that night, Sarah. LOL.

However, actually I was just wasting my time by worrying too much. All bloggers were soooo friendly. All of them! Not to mention, all top bloggers are sooo cool!! It was such a pleasure to meet them. ;)

Ready to hear my side of stories bout that fabulous night? Hit down the scroll button! HuHu ;)

 It's 6pm! But still in Cyberjaya n camwhoring. =.="
1. My eldest brother is my protector, my P.A, and my driver. Wekk. Jangan marah :) . He's the owner of Sulaman Tempua btw.
2. With Kak sporting n cool sista~
3. Me with Sarah, arrived oledi.

                  Sarah: Yana...what to do..I'm sleepy and getting bored already... :'(
                  Me: You *smbil menuding jari* have to stay strong!Wait till I have the courage to say hi to those famous bloggers. Haha!

Great performances by our local act! With funny and energetic hosts, Traxx FM's The Morning Zoo DJs, Kevin ad Isabelle. I took part in Digi's mini game as well and win some prize. Hehe :D

Finally! Been able to say hi to those top bloggers! They're awesome! Spot Kak Sumi and ahkak Pen Merah there. Hehe. :D

Jeng jeng jeng..*curi pic Nisa Kay* She's cool, kind, and awesome! Being mentioned in her blog is such an honour. Thank you si cantik :)

With sweetie Anne. She and her boyfriend both looks cute and sweet. Perfect couple! ;)

Two famous and friendly bloggers ~ Pen Merah and Farah ^_^

Everyone knows who she is, the one in the middle. Sape?? It's Red Mummy! I was soo shocked when she suddenly came and sit in front of me while having dinner. She actually came to say hi to the famous food blogger that was eating at the same table with him. I was so lucky then being able to have a small conversation with her and she kindly introduced me with some 'otai' bloggers. Thumbs up to the gorgeous Kak Red!!

It's time for lucky draw and suddenly I heard Kevin calling out my name? Huh? Thanks Digi and Nuffnang! Well, congrats to Nisa Kay for winning the grand prize! Have a blast holidayyy!~

Ouh btw, balloons that filling all spaces there are not ordinary balloons.*ceyh ayat*. It got our name on it! On the Digi cards that being taped together with the balloons. It's so hard to find my name. It took a lot of hard work.LOL. Semua adik2 Digi dikerah mencari so that I could bring it home. At last! Found it! Heee :D

My last drinks before heading home. It's non-alcoholic n halal btw. ;)

I enjoyed this party so much. My greatest thanks to Nuffnang of course for giving me this opportunity to meet other bloggers and experiencing such a fantastic event. Got lucky draw from Digi sumore that makes me being able to go on stage! Hehe! It's such an honour being able to meet other top bloggers like Red MummyNisa Kay, Pen MerahAnneKak SumiFarah. Not to forget my geng Kedah - Fazrol and Pak Lan.

Thanks and credit to Pak Lan also, for providing me with lotsa gorgeous photos from that night's event. 

Till then. Tata~

p/s: I do LOVE their goody bag. A lot! :D *thumbs up*


  1. untung la dpt gi sane kan.. cmne dia pilih org nk gi sane?

    1. nuffnang ada bagi email pasal birthday bash ni dulu, then ikut cara2 yg dorg nak n dorg pilih laa nak bg invitations kat sape =)

  2. p/s: kalau boleh buang la word verification for comments.. sng sikit org nk tinggalkan comment.. penat kalau asyik salah je verification word tu.. haha

  3. hye cik juga ada kt cni arituh...hehe~

    1. hye cik lala (betul ke? hehe) .. yeke..nanti bila2 jumpa lagi tegur kita tau kalau nampak..hee..thanks for your comment btw ;)

  4. Hahaha Harlo Dyana I just saw some link coming through your blog and thanks for that. But unfortunately I don't think you saw/meet me at the NN Birthday Bash cos..... I wasn't there!!

    Anyway, nice to "meet" you hahaha

    1. OMG.. my mistake!! I'm so sorry...! hahah..please forgive me..huhuuu
      hope to really MEET you soon.. Hehe :)

  5. Salam,

    Gambar kita tak ada pun... ha ha...
    tak sempat nak update entry lagi... ha ha..

    1. wsalam...

      hahah..salahkan pak lan! dia x snap pic kita..haha =p

  6. hi there..seeing u in some update about the event but sadly we didnt bump on each other kn..huhu what a miss as i was too late to happily minggle w the bloggers. btw, u r such a beauty..hv a nice day! :)

    1. hi hi..thanks for visiting my page.. hehe.. yup2, why didn't we bump into each other that night.. i really need to know other bloggers as much as i can since i'm just started blogging.. but sokayy..nanti2 boleh jumpa lagi kott..hehe.. have a nice day too pretty! =D