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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Sahabat - Najwa Latif feat Syamkamarul & Sleeq

Aaaa..dah lama pulak tak update blog. Busy lah sejak2 setart koje ni. Hehe. Hari ni tetiba rasa nak buat quick update. Seminggu dua ni sejak2 dengar lagu Najwa Latif rasa suka pulak. Sedap pulak lagu Sahabat ni. Hehe. Lirik n melodi nya santai n sedap. Bila dengar, teringat kawan2 yg sentiasa menemaniku dan membelanjai diriku makan,karaoke, n movie. Kekeke. Walaupun life skg busy, tapi alhamdulillah happy laa jugak. Weekend ada je kawan2 yg ajak lepak relieve stress. Yang paling best nye, bila dorg ajak lepak of course la diri ini tidak kuar se sen pun. Haha! Suka suka *spastik n materialistik*. 

Tapi apa-apa pun thanks to diorg sebab selalu je ada. Macam lirik lagu Sahabat ni la. Hehe. Tak boleh pulak nak mention nama dorg ni  atas alasan privacy. Walaupun bukan retiss tapi kalau google jumpa jugak laa nama diorg. Ha ha. =P  Jadi, siapa yg makan cili dialah yg terasa pedasnya o_O.

This song is dedicated to all my prens who always be with me, makes me happy, listen to my stories, cite pasal korea dgn saya, belanja sy karaoke, belanja sy makan, belanja sy movie dan lain-lain. Thank you n may Allah bless u all. =)

Sahabat - Najwa Latif feat. Syamkamarul & Sleeq

[Najwa Latif]
Kau ada di kala ku suka
Di kala ku duka
Setiap tangisan dan juga ketawa
Kau ada di kala ku perlu
Setia menemaniku
Pegang erat tanganku bila aku jatuh
Kau lah yang selalu

Selalu menemaniku
Mendengar kisah pahit manis
Hidup ku

Kau lah yang di situ

Setia menunggu ku
Kau lah yang satu
Menjadi sahabatku

[Syam Kamarul]

Kau ada di kala ku jatuh
Di setiap bangunku
Terus menemaniku
Tanpa rasa jemu

Kau ada di setiap tawa

Di kala bahagia
Kau menjadi sahabatku

Kau lah yang selalu

Selalu menemaniku
Mendengar kisah pahit manis
Hidup ku

Kau lah yang di situ

Setia menunggu ku
Kau lah yang satu
Menjadi sahabatku


Yeah sahabatku
Tetap bersamamu jika kau perlukanku
Dan ku tak kaku tak kekok
Kalau sampai buntu kita belok yok (yok)
Berjangkit sesama seperti mengusik si melatar
Kau kau jangan kau melampau
Dan kalau siapa mengusik Najwa
Tolong bagitau aku tapau

[Najwa Latif dan Syam Kamarul]

Ku tahu ku kan selalu ada
Pada dirimu
Dan ku harap kau juga rasa begitu
Kau lah yang selalu
Selalu menemaniku
Mendengar kisah pahit manis
Hidup ku

Kau lah yang di situ

Setia menunggu ku
Kau lah yang satu

Kau lah yang selalu

Selalu menemaniku
Mendengar kisah pahit manis
Hidup ku

Kau lah yang di situ

Setia menunggu ku
Kau lah yang satu
Menjadi sahabatku


p/s: To whom it may concern (S), ko igt tak kita karok lagu ni dulu, hancur gle kotttt..Hahah

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Movie Review: Olympus Has Fallen

Hey hey hey! New movie on the block! Thanks to a friend of mine who treated me to a great dinner *Seoul Garden again after such a long time.Yeay* and also with a nice new hollywood movie last night. He He. Kamsahamnida AJ! ^_^  I have such great friends around me all the time. *wink*

Actually, we're going to watch Warm Bodies at first but sadly the theater was damn full. Only the front seats were available so we switched to another movie - Olympus Has Fallen. So let's check out what Olympus Has Fallen provides us! Hee

Genre: Action/Thriller
Language: English
Classification: 18 (R-rated)
Running time: 2 hours
Release date: 22 March 2013
Director: Antoine Fuqua
Cast: Gerard Butler (300), Morgan Freeman (The Dark Knight), Aaron Eckhart (The Dark Night), Rick Yuen (The Fast & The Furious)

When The White House (Secret Service Code: "Olympus") is captured by a terrorist mastermind and the President is kidnapped, disgraced former presidential guard Mike Banning (Butler) finds himself trapped within the building. As our national security team scrambles to respond, they are forced to rely on Banning's inside knowledge to help retake the White House, save the President (Aaron Eckhart) and avert an even bigger disaster. (c)FilmDistrict

My review
Everyone is saying that this movie reminds them to Die Hard. I've never watch any of Die Hard movies before so I couldn't compare them. People saying that these two films have a great deal in common which the story line is all about terrorist takes hostages, make outrageous demands and only ONE MAN can put a stop to this. The different is that, the hostages are all the superiors of the United States including the President himself. *woa*

This story is about Mike Banning who is struggling alone to save the President as well as the President's son after the White House is overthrown by a terrorist gang led by a cruel North Korean mastermind (Rick Yuen). * I wonder whether this movie will give a negative impact to the North Korea or not. Hurmm*

The action itself is good, intense, and full with the element of suspense. There's a tension in those scenes as the Hero-Banning moves and roam around within the building in order to save the President and crash the terrorist's plan. The violent attack towards Washington also is effectively staged, from the air attack towards the ground attack until they manages to take over the White House within 13 minutes. And the US armed forces be able to reach the White House only after 15 minutes.  *Heh*

OF COURSE from what I stated above, it is extremely illogical and the right word is really unrealistic. How come a small number of terrorists can easily take down the White House after a few minutes??? Yes, the key to watch this movie is that, you have to believe and bare in mind that this kind of thing CAN happen. Only then you can fully enjoy the movie. Even though the questions keep hitting your mind like, "how come??" "is it possible like this??" "how come the US armed forces are so lame??" "tipulaaaahhh" . Haha. Believe me, ignore those questions and enjoy the movie.

Even though there are some lacking here and there but this movie is still entertaining though. But the story is 100% predictable!! Hehe.

My opinion
If you like Die Hard-kind-of movie, then you should try to watch this one. The story is still pretty interesting to watch even though the plot is familiar and the ending is 100% predictable. But the movie does provides a good action movie. ;)

I would rate this movie with 3/5

Friday, 22 March 2013

Live Streaming Malaysia vs Yemen 22 Mac 2013


22 Mac 2013
8.45 Malam
Stadium Shah Alam
Live TV: Astro Arena (CH 801)

Hari ni perlawanan kedua Malaysia untuk kelayakan Piala Asia AFC 2015 Australia. Perlawanan pertama Msia pada 6 Februari lalu dengan kekalahan 0-2 dengan Qatar. *perghhh ayat skema, kekekek*


Separuh masa pertama:

Msia 1-1 Yemen

Al -Hagri "12 (Yemen)
Azamuddin Akil "27 (MAS)

Separuh masa kedua:

Khyril Muhaimeen "80 (MAS)


Malaysia 2 - 1 Yemen

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Live Streaming Malaysia vs Arab Saudi 17 Mac 2013

Harimau Malaya is back! Hehe! Okay, semua tahu Malaysia akan menentang Yemen pada 22 Mac 2013 untuk perlawanan kelayakan Piala Asia 2015. Hari ini, 17 Mac 2013, Harimau Malaya akan menentang Arab Saudi dalam perlawanan persahabatan antarabangsa. Warm up lah ni kan. Jangan lupa tengok malam ni. Ini kalau kat rumah time2 macam ni, confirm malam ni abah dah bising panggil, "Adik! Bola!!" . Ha ha

Okay, let's check it out!

Malaysia vs Arab Saudi
17 Mac 2013
8.45 Malam
Stadium Shah Alam
Saluran TV: Astro Arena (Ch 801)
Live Streaming: SOCCERSTREAM (klik disini) 


Movie Review: The Last Exorcism 2

Hello, another update of a movie review here. Thanks to Nuffnang for giving me this tix and thanks to Cathay Cineplax e@Curve for providing us with yummy snacks! (2 sets of cola n caramel popcorn completes the deal!) *wink*

So, this screening was scheduled on 11 March 2012 but because of some technical error, it was postponed to 15 March. So, thanks to a friend of mine who bravely accompany me watching this horror movie last Friday. What's the point of being a man then, if he didn't dare to watch a horror film??  o_O *but he's really a coward, turning his head away all the time from the screen* HEH! =_="

Alright, let's check it out bout this movie right now!~

Language: English
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Running time: 88 minutes
Director: Ed Gass-Donelly
Release date: 14 March 2013
Cast: Ashley Bell, Julia Garner, Spencer Treat Clark

Continuing where the first film left off, Nell Sweetzer (Ashley Bell) is found terrified and alone in rural Louisiana. 
Back in the relative safety of New Orleans, Nell realizes that she can't remember entire portions of the previous months only that she is the last surviving member of her family. Just as Nell begins the difficult process of starting a new life, the evil force that once possessed her is back with other , unimaginably horrific plans that mean her last exorcism was just beginning. (cc- GSC)

My review
Hurmm.....................unlike my previous movie review on The Call, I am kinda clueless and speechless actually on how to review this movie. Hehe. The story started when Nell is found and she is returned to a normal life after the event of the first movie. Nell is taken to a shelter for troubled girls and diagnosed as a delusional victim of cult abuse. She's progressing really well and started to have a life just like any other normal girls.

Until suddenly she fell in love with Chris and after he confessed his love to her, then suddenly lotsa strange things happen. The plot is kinda slow and maybe the script want to raise a question to the audience to think whether the evil thing is really exist or she's just nuts!

But evil thing does exist and it wants her. Like, badly. That thing wants to own her. So, just like any other typical horror film, there must be someone who's trying to help, isn't it? But sadly she cannot do it alone as the evil spirit is so strong and need helps. She contacted a team of exorcist and they did their best trying to help Nell.

Like I said before, the plot is slow and boring and sometimes illogical. Not to mention, sometimes I can't even understand the plot. I was thinking, maybe because I didn't watch the original movie, The Last Exorcism (part 1). Maybe it's my own mistake for not understanding the story line beforehand. But I believe, if this movie is a really good piece, then I will enjoy it no matter what. But sadly, I didn't. 

I think the ending had a lil twist. Since the title is The Last Exorcism (part 2 sumore), we might think that no more exorcism after this, Nell will be free, save and sound. But seems like it's another way around. ;)

My opinion
If you watched The Last Exorcism before, you can give this sequel a try and decide whether this sequel is relevant or not. LOL. And what can I say is that, I really really miss a good piece of American horror movie which I haven't get to see for years already.

Dare to watch the trailer? =p

Lastly, I would rate this movie 1.5/5

Chiow~ Tata~

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Movie Review: The Call (Halle Berry)

Hi Hi Hi! Actually I really miss my blog. Really. Yea I know my last update was only 3 days ago. But I already feel like something's missing when I didn't up with any entry during this period. I'm busy with my first job right now. That's why. Hurm. :( Forget bout that, let's go forward with my blog title!

So, thanks to Nuffnang again! And also Nusantara Edaran Film for giving me a pair of free tix for The Call special screening at GSC Tropicana CIty Mall. I brought my older brother along to the screening yesterday (13 March) as he was like "woww, I wanna watch this movie!" after he take a look at the trailer beforehand. Heh. :p
Genre: Thriller
Language: English
Classification: 18 (R rated)
Running time: 93 minutes
Release date: 15 March 2013
Director: Brad Anderson
Cast: Halle Berry, Abigail Breslin, Michael Eklund (Watchmen), Morris Chestnut (Ladder 49), David Otunga (WWF Raw)

This new movie of Halle Berry's is actually scores mixed reviews among American medias. But who cares, this is my review! Okay, let's move on to the synopsis of the story first. ;)

A veteran 911 operator, Jordan (Halle Berry) takes a life-altering call from a teenage girl Casey (Abigail Breslin) who has just been abducted and is in the boot of an unfamiliar car. With no tracking device on her prepaid phone she must work with Jordan to find effective ways to save her own life on their own.

My review
Oh my god, I'm sorry I couldn't provide a detailed review on this movie right now because I'm mentally and physically exhausted. But I can tell you that, this story provides a really good story line. I was completely immersed in that film, straightly for 90 minutes. It started with a strong-nerve-wracking situation, the story whereby Jordan received an emergency call from a girl saying that a stranger is trying to break into her house. The girl end up with a sad and tragic death which make Jordan felt shocked and guilty.

The story then jump into 6 months later where Jordan suddenly had to deal with the same situation *once again*. What more? The kidnapper is the same person! This is where the real story begins between Casey, Jordan, and the kidnapper. While watching the movie, I was like "damn youuu! psycho, lunatic kidnapper, go to hell!!" *hah*  The interesting part is how Jordan control the intense-crazy situation and need to deal with a teenage girl who absolutely will get a panic attack in such situation. *not to mention, Jordan herself was damn panic at that time* o_O

Another interesting part is when the police found the kidnapper's house. He actually has a wife with 2 children and having a normal life with his family. The wife was absolutely clueless about her husband's "activity". Small scenes like this colorized the content of the story. Even though the movie is running for 90 minutes only, it feels so packed. *in a good way*

However, everything is not perfect, isn't it? I don't really like the ending btw. But don't get me wrong, the ending is still good because of the 'twist'. But for me, they still need to add something after the 'twist'. Hehe. I won't tell you exactly what it is. You need to watch it yourself. :p

My opinion
I love this movie. Like I said, I was really immersed in that film for the whole screening time. So did everyone else in that theater yesterday *i believe* This movie gives a tense, extreme thriller and works damn well. The two main character, Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin gave an excellent acting in this movie. *clapclap* Suddenly I adore Halle Berry. Hehe.

Ouh, btw, you will hear this line a lot in this movie, "911 What is your emergency" *hehe* and my favorite line is when Jordan said "We are Capricorns, we are fighters!" *because I'm a Capricorn too. LOL*

Lastly, I give The Call a recommendation. It's worth to watch in the cinema. I think you won't waste your money buying a tix if you choose this movie. Hehe. Take a look at the trailer below, basically the trailer already gives the full idea of the story ;)

I would rate this movie with 4.5/5

Till then.. chow~

Monday, 11 March 2013

OST JODOH (Astro Ria) - Waktuku (Mill)


Nampak drama Jodoh lakonan Scha Alyahya dengan Dazrin Kamarudin makin ramai je peminat nye kan? Btw, kepada sesiapa yang tak tahu tapi nak tahu ni drama apa, boleh la check it out di ENTRY INI. Link untuk tengok online pun ada dalam entry tu. ;)

Dah tengok drama ni, suka pulak dengan salah satu lagu nye. Godek punya godek, at last baru lah jumpa penyanyi n lagunya kat youtube. Jom jom dengar.. santai n coolll.. Hehe :)

Lagu: Waktuku
Penyanyi: Mill

p/s: jangan lupa sertai My First GiveAway Contest 2015 kalau nak menang set kurung untuk raya haji ni ;)

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Johor vs Selangor Liga Super - Live Streaming

Ouh, ini entry last minute. Tiba-tiba je teringat. Harap2 Selangor menang n naik takhta balik ye.. Kekeke. Dah2 jom tengok. SEKARANG!  Let's go!~

Liga Super
Selangor vs Johor Darul Takzim (JDT)
9 Mac 2013
8.45 Malam
Astro Arena (CH 801)

Live Streaming KLIK DISINI

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Drama Jodoh yang kelakar n layannn...

Hallo.... Assalamualaikum...

Memandangkan hari ni tak buat pape, kebosanan, takde aktiviti, baru lepas bagi kucing makan, baru lepas angkat call set interview keje next week, sambil tunggu Nuffnang premier screening The Call next week, =.=" Jadi hari ni nak share lah satu cerita drama yg santai, sempoi n kelakar. Actually, jarang jugak laa tengok drama-drama kat tb tu tapi boleh melekat pulak tengok crita ni. Hehe.

Drama ni sangat lively, bila tengok keluar mood ceria. Rasa happyyy je tengok. Haha. Kira ni cite yg ditunggu-tunggu la setiap minggu oleh my mum and I. Abg den pun dah join sekali follow crita ni. Ahakz. 

Ada sekali tu dinner terlajak masa. Lepas makan tu lepak2 lah depan tb, pastu macam teringat something, pastu tengok jam, 9.30. Pastu tengok my mum, pastu diri ini terus menjerit, "Umiiiii.....!!! Crita tuuuuuu...!!" . My mum dengan sepantas kilat menjawab jeritanku, "aaaAaaaaaaa.. cepat bukak crita tu.." *masing2 overreacted* kalau dah teringat terus jelah bukak channel tu, sempat lagi main jerit2??

 Yang pastinya hari tu dapat tengok crita tu setengah jam jela dek kerana makan dinner tak hengat dunia smpai berejam-jam. *timing lari* . Sedih. =( *macam laa Astro takde ulangan, kat internet pun boleh tengok ape*

Ini lah teaser photonya...~

Judul: Jodoh
Bermula 4 Februari 2013
Tayangan: Setiap Isnin
Jam: 9.00 malam
Channel: Astro Ria (104)
Jodoh megisahkan seorang jejaka bujang bernama Azlan yang  
kacak tekad ingin mencari cinta melalui sebuah program mencari cinta dan jodoh yang diberi nama ‘Jodoh’. Di dalam program tersebut, Azlan dikehendaki untuk memilih seorang teman wanita daripada 10 orang peserta wanita sebagai calon jodohnya di mana mereka harus melalui proses penyingkiran setiap minggu.

Ketika berada di program tersebut, Azlan sangat terpikat dengan 
seorang wanita bernama Katya, akan tetapi disebabkan undian oleh para penonton dan peminat, Olly menjadi pilihan yang sesuai buat Azlan berbanding dengan Katya.

Oleh yang demikian, Azlan dipaksa oleh pihak produksi program 
untuk tidak menyingkirkan Olly dari program Jodoh dan ini 
menyebabkan kedua-dua mereka terjebak dalam situasi yang sangat lucu kerana mereka berdua tidak menyukai antara satu sama lain.

Apakah yang akan berlaku kepada mereka berdua ketika sesi program Jodoh dijalankan? Bagaimana Olly boleh menyertai program Jodoh dan apakah tujuan Olly menyertai program Jodoh?

Dazrin Kamaludin, Scha Alyahya, Reen Hashim (peserta Pilih Kasih), Hefny (On Air), Esma Daniel, Catriona Ross, dan ramaaiii lagi.

Ouh, btw selain dari Astro Ria, drama ni pun ditayangkan online di Astro Gempak. Jadi kalau ter miss di tv, boleh laa buka laptop dan tengok online ye. Tapiiii......kat situ rasanya ada episod 1 je, jadi kadang2 website Cerita Master ini yang diterjah sebab episod nye sentiasa di update dengan cepat. :)

Alright...entry ini di akhiri dengan trailer Drama Jodoh. Wassalam.. :D

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Product Review: Watsons Nose Pore Strips


Seems like I haven't done any product review for such a time already. Today, I'm back with another product review which is Watson's Nose Pore Strips. Let me tell you beforehand, this product works well with me and I just love it! Hehe :D

But I couldn't give any opinion whether Watson's or the really-familiar Biore Nose Strips is better. My first time ever purchasing a nose strips was Biore's but it was like yearssss ago. 5, 6 years ago maybe. I couldn't even remember the results of using it. And Watson's was my second purchased of nose pore strips which I bought last month.

I was kinda doubtful at first whether to purchase this or not. But it's cheaper than other nose strips' brands and the pink packaging attracted me :p . The product is from Korea sumore *believing that Korea based product is good* Heh. With those reasons, I decided to buy. *gamble aje dgn hrpn ia brkesan*. :D

It's in a pink packaging with 10 strips in a box.
 It cost around RM10.88.
A product made in Korea. ;)
With witch hazel and aloe vera extract.

Kinda similar packaging inside and contains 10 separate strips.

 The functions of the product, the instructions for use, ingredients and other important information at the back of the product.

How to use this product effectively?

1. Clean your face first.

2. Steam your face using hot water *be careful, please don't hurt yourself, I won't be responsible for that*

3. Clean your face, wet your cheek and nose area using warm water *can use the same water that you use for steaming your face just now.

4. Dry your hands! Don't touch the strip with wet hands, it will affect the outcome of the product.

5. Apply the nose strip.

6. Press down firmly on your nose.

7. Leave on for 10-15 minutes till it dries up.

8. Peel of the strip. *you can see the blackheads and whiteheads on the strip. urghh*

9. Rinse your face using normal/cold water.

10. Done! Repeat this once a week but twice a week would be better. ;)

Overall, I like this product. It doesn't cost a lot and easy to get. Since it is called Watsons Nose Pore Strips, you can get this in Watsons outlets of course! Huhu. The packaging is beautiful *hehe* and the product is effective. It's worth to give it a try.

Will I repurchase this? Yes, absolutely. *I bought this for 1 month and a half already but still got 7 unused strips due to laziness. haha. :p

I would rate this product with 4.5/5

p/s: jangan lupa sertai My First GiveAway Contest 2015 kalau nak menang set kurung untuk raya haji ni ;)

Wordless Wednesday #1

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Cristiano Ronaldo back in Old Trafford!

Oh My God.....!! A must-watch game tonight! Yes, everyone knows C.Ronaldo is back in Old Trafford right now BUT he's here to go against Manchester United. Wuuu... What a waiting moment here..What will happen tonight? They're 1-1 draw during the first leg and we will found out the fates of both sides tonight!

So...the match gonna start at 3.45am live @ Astro Supersport 3 (817) or HD (831). Also available in live streaming HERE

Let's watch together2 and which team are you rooting for? I'll go for Real Madrid! Halaaaaa Madrid!!! Go CR7! Hehe :p

"It's the clash of the titans; a game the whole world will 
             stop to watch"

-Jose Mourinho-

Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash ~ What a BOMB night!!

WARNING: This is gonna be a lengthyyyyyyy entry.

I've been going here and there for this past few days. From Kedah to Cyber to KL to Batu Pahat to Cyber.
Last night we're in Batu Pahat and today back in Cyberjaya already. Energy drained. Spastic nyo muko den. *pic not related to the title..tettt*

So...Finally.......I'll be able to write about Nuffnang's fantastic birthday celebration which was held last Saturday at LUST, KL. Pheww~

As I've been mentioned several times oledi, I'm a newbie and such a noob in blogging world as well as in Nuffnang world. HuHe. I was worried at first because I don't know anyone there. The only person that I know is my friend a.k.a my partner for that night, Sarah. LOL.

However, actually I was just wasting my time by worrying too much. All bloggers were soooo friendly. All of them! Not to mention, all top bloggers are sooo cool!! It was such a pleasure to meet them. ;)

Ready to hear my side of stories bout that fabulous night? Hit down the scroll button! HuHu ;)

 It's 6pm! But still in Cyberjaya n camwhoring. =.="
1. My eldest brother is my protector, my P.A, and my driver. Wekk. Jangan marah :) . He's the owner of Sulaman Tempua btw.
2. With Kak sporting n cool sista~
3. Me with Sarah, arrived oledi.

                  Sarah: Yana...what to do..I'm sleepy and getting bored already... :'(
                  Me: You *smbil menuding jari* have to stay strong!Wait till I have the courage to say hi to those famous bloggers. Haha!

Great performances by our local act! With funny and energetic hosts, Traxx FM's The Morning Zoo DJs, Kevin ad Isabelle. I took part in Digi's mini game as well and win some prize. Hehe :D

Finally! Been able to say hi to those top bloggers! They're awesome! Spot Kak Sumi and ahkak Pen Merah there. Hehe. :D

Jeng jeng jeng..*curi pic Nisa Kay* She's cool, kind, and awesome! Being mentioned in her blog is such an honour. Thank you si cantik :)

With sweetie Anne. She and her boyfriend both looks cute and sweet. Perfect couple! ;)

Two famous and friendly bloggers ~ Pen Merah and Farah ^_^

Everyone knows who she is, the one in the middle. Sape?? It's Red Mummy! I was soo shocked when she suddenly came and sit in front of me while having dinner. She actually came to say hi to the famous food blogger that was eating at the same table with him. I was so lucky then being able to have a small conversation with her and she kindly introduced me with some 'otai' bloggers. Thumbs up to the gorgeous Kak Red!!

It's time for lucky draw and suddenly I heard Kevin calling out my name? Huh? Thanks Digi and Nuffnang! Well, congrats to Nisa Kay for winning the grand prize! Have a blast holidayyy!~

Ouh btw, balloons that filling all spaces there are not ordinary balloons.*ceyh ayat*. It got our name on it! On the Digi cards that being taped together with the balloons. It's so hard to find my name. It took a lot of hard work.LOL. Semua adik2 Digi dikerah mencari so that I could bring it home. At last! Found it! Heee :D

My last drinks before heading home. It's non-alcoholic n halal btw. ;)

I enjoyed this party so much. My greatest thanks to Nuffnang of course for giving me this opportunity to meet other bloggers and experiencing such a fantastic event. Got lucky draw from Digi sumore that makes me being able to go on stage! Hehe! It's such an honour being able to meet other top bloggers like Red MummyNisa Kay, Pen MerahAnneKak SumiFarah. Not to forget my geng Kedah - Fazrol and Pak Lan.

Thanks and credit to Pak Lan also, for providing me with lotsa gorgeous photos from that night's event. 

Till then. Tata~

p/s: I do LOVE their goody bag. A lot! :D *thumbs up*

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Lahad Datu Issue

Only one sentence to Malaysians for this issue~

"Kalau simpati doakan dorg, bukan politik kan keadaan. Please."

Kisah Syafie Naswip (Mukhsin)

Okayy. Hari ini belog kite berbahasa Melayu.He He. Sebab hari ni nak cerita pasal artis melayu, kena laa tulis bm, kalau artis omputih tulis lah bi, kalau artis Korea, of course lah speaking Korea =p *menipu sangat* Entry2 sebelum ni dalam bi bukan sebab apa, bukan sebab tak reti ckp melayu or "I look stupid when I speak malay but I look stupider when I sepeak inggeris", tapi sebab saje laa nak polish my english writing skills. Maklumlah tgh job hunting skg ni, semua test n interview dalam bi, kalau tak berbelog dlm bi, abes laa berkarat my inggelish skwill..Ha Ha

Eh, apahal laa pulak melalut lebih2 ni. Cakap nak cerita pasal retis kan. Tadi masa usha2 newsfeed fb, si retis Fadlan Hazim share satu kisah di fb. Ada gambar keratan akhbar Syafie Naswip atas motor dgn bapanya. Jadi terberminat lah nak baca. Gambar tu diupload di fanpage Kak Ogy Ahmad Daud.
Ini lah gambar nye tu. Comel kan si Syafie ni? Tapi ada satu perasaan terdetik kan bila tgk gambar ni? Hurm.

Dan ini kata-kata dari fanpage Kak Ogy tu:
"Kalau di tanya kpd saya siapa pelakon generasi baru yg saya kagumi?
Jawapan saya..Syafie Naswip.
Dari mula saya menonton beliau dlm Mukhsin, saya terus jatuh hati dgn kejujuran lakonan beliau..
Kalau saya diberi peluang saya ingin sgt nak digandingkan dgn beliau..
Syafie..tahniah diatas kemenangan di FFM 25 malam ini..
Teruskan perjuangan Syafie dlm senilakon kerana Syafie
sememangnya telah dianugerahkan bakat dlm bidang lakonan..
I am so happy for you Syafie..

Saya baru terbaca artikel ini mengenai Syafie Naswip..
I am touched.."
Ye, semua kenal Syafie Naswip ni apabila beliau berlakon sebagai watak utama dalam filem Mukhsin kan? Bakatnya besar dan memang layak lah beliau dapat anugerah2 hasil dari lakonan nya tu. Kan? Kan? Btw, apa artikel yg Kak Ogy sebutkan di atas? Okay, ini kisahnya =)

Contributed by Shima @ Hulu Langat
Malam 4 Ogos lalu, di Dewan Tuanku Syed Putra, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Pulau Pinang, pelakon filem Mukhsin, Mohd. Syafie Naswip diumumkan sebagai pemenang bagi kategori Pelakon Kanak-Kanak Terbaik pada acara gemilang Festival Filem Malaysia Ke-20 (FFM20). Sejurus itu, seorang kanak-kanak berusia 15 tahun melangkah yakin ke pentas penerima trofinya. Dewan bergema dengan tepukan gemuruh penonton. Turut menyaksikannya, jutaan penonton Astro yang membuat siaran langsungnya. 
Namun malam itu, nun di sudut hati Syafie, tercalit rasa hiba kerana kejayaan itu tidak dapat dikongsi bersama ibu yang dikasihi. "Rumah saya tak ada Astro. Saya dah telefon mak, nak beritahu, tapi tak dapat," adunya tatkala Kak Tim bertanyakan, apa kata ibunya tentang kemenangannya. Memang sejak dari awal, kanak-kanak ini menarik perhatian Kak Tim. Walaupun Finas menyediakan bas untuk membawa delegasi festival itu ke Pulau Pinang, tapi pelakon kanak-kanak lain, datang bersama anggota keluarga masing-masing. Cuma Syafie yang Kak Tim perhatikan, bersendirian. 
"Saya nak juga bawa emak. Tapi dia orang kata kena bayar," jelas Syafie selamba.
"Bapa kerja apa?" Tanya Kak Tim. "Pemotong rumput. Kadang-kadang cat rumah orang juga," tulus dan bersahaja dia menjawab."Tak sekolah?" Tanya Kak Tim lagi."Sekolah di Gombak. Tahun ini ambil PMR. Sebab itu hampir saja saya tidak dapat ikut festival ni. Cikgu tak beri. Dia kata asyik shooting saja. Dia bimbang, nanti saya tak dapat fokus PMR. 
"Tapi saya merayu. Keluarga saya orang susah dan saya anak tunggal. Shooting pun dapat duit. Hari tu, saya berlakon empat drama, dapat duit. Boleh juga bantu keluarga," kata Syafie."Berlakon filem Mukhsin dulu tu, saya dapat RM10,000. Saya bagi emak RM500 dan ayah RM500. Selebihnya saya simpan. Saya nak jadi jurukamera filem. Nanti kalau nak ambil kursus tu tentu kena pakai banyak duit. Nasiblah akhirnya cikgu izinkan saya ke festival."
Begitu cerita Syafie panjang lebar, lalu tersenyum menyerlahkan lesung pipit di pipi kiri dan kanannya. Dan pada pagi delegasi berkumpul di Finas untuk berangkat ke Pulau Pinang, Syafie merupakan orang pertama sampai di Finas. "Saya tak tahu pukul berapa bas nak bertolak. Orang kata pagi. Jadi saya tunggu ajalah. Nasib Finas sediakan nasi lemak."
Rupanya ada yang cerita pada Kak Tim, semasa rombongan berhenti makan tengahari di Tapah, Perak, Syafie tidak turut serta."Dia tertinggal duit," bisik sumber.Kasihan. Tapi kanak-kanak itu ada harga diri. Dia tidak kelihatan sewaktu orang sibuk menjamu selera di kawasan Rawat dan Rehat Tapah itu. Entah di mana dia menyembunyikan diri.
"Tak apa. Saya dah biasa macam tu," kata Syafie selamba disaat Kak Tim tanyakan kenapa tak beritahu masalahnya.
"Tapi sekarang saya dah ada duit. Nek Mah (Ruminah Sidek) bagi. Masa sampai di lobby hotel, tiba-tiba Nek Mah bagi saya RM50." Sekali lagi kanak-kanak ini menyerlahkan lesung pipitnya. 
Dan sewaktu perjalanan pulang ke Kuala Lumpur. ketika bas singgah di Hentian Sungai Perak, Kak Timtengok Syafie membeli sebiji limau bali."Duit yang Nek Mah bagi, masih ada baki. Limau ni saya beli untuk mak. Buah tangan," katanya tersenyum. 
Sampai di Finas, Syafie dijemput ayahnya. Dia bukan saja membawa pulang trofi dan buah limau untuk ibunya. Tapi wang hadiah kemenangannya sebanyak RM10,000.Itulah Mohd. Syafie Naswip, Pelakon Kanak-Kanak Terbaik FFM20 yang cuba mencari pengalaman sebagai pelakon untuk menjadi jurukamera filem bagi merubah kehidupan keluarganya.
So...apa perasaan bila baca kisah ni? btw ni kisah 5 tahun dulu. Dengar cerita 2 tahun Syafie 'hilang' dari industri selepas Allahyarham Yasmin Ahamad meninggal. Syafie sambung tingkatan 6 sambil jual burger untuk tolong keluarganya. Syafie hilang semangat kejap selepas Allahyarham takde.

Tapi sekarang insyaAllah dia dah aktif balik, lagi-lagi semalam dia baru menang untuk kali kedua dalam Festival Filem Malaysia ke-25 kategori Pelakon Pembantu Lelaki Terbaik (Songlap). Congrats to him! Semoga dia lebih berjaya selepas ni dan dapat bantu keluarganye. Berdoa lah moga-moga kita semua dimurahkan lebih rezeki dan masing2 dapat membantu keluarga dan rezeki kita sentiasa diberkati Allah S.W.T