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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Pemenang AidilAdha GiveAway by Diyana Hassan

Jeng je jengg!! Setelah 3 minggu penyertaan GiveAway ini dijalankan, akhirnya tibalah masa untuk mengumumkan pemenang2 nya. Kepada yang tak berjaya kali ni jangan sedih2 tau. Ini baru first GiveAway, insyaAllah akan ada lagi next time. Don't worry and chill2. Hehe =)

Dan juga sebelum nak umumkan siapa yang bertuah dapat kurung saloma ni, kita nak ucapkan banyak2 terima kasih kepada semua yang participate dalam GiveAway ni. Walaupun ni adalah my first GA segmen tapi boleh dikatakan berjaya jugak lah GA ni. Ramai yang respon dan participate. Thank you so much ya. I will definitely visit each one of you and will follow you guys back. =)

Okay.....dan pemenang nyaaaa...............

Congrats! Thanks for joining and please contact me thru e-mail, untuk bagi details korang tau. Please provide Nama, Alamat, dan No. Telefon untuk tujuan poslaju hadiah. Hehe.

So my first GA dah wrapped up! Thanks again kepada yang sudi singgah dan participate in this GA. Have a nice day all! Bye2!

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan At Chili's

Hurmm.. macam biasa lah. Dah lama makan baru nak update. Hehe. Actually Chili's is not my usual eating place lah. Selalu nak try makan tapi kadang2 bila nampak macam full house je, terus cari tempat lain. Tapi memang terasa nak makan kat sini at least kena try sekali sebab nama dia cili. Huhu. Sebab kita ni hantu cili and makanan pedas walaupun tau Chili's takkan menepati ciri2 pedas or cili yang disukai sebab dia western food kan, tapi still nak jugak try. Haha. 

Alright ni second time makan dekat Chili's. The first time makan burger so this time try menu lain pulak. Jom2 tengok gambar~~

First thing first. Tengok menu dulu. Huhu

Here come the appetizer. Huhu. This is Tripple Dipper. Okay yang paling depan tu sedap! Southwestern Eggroll nama dia.

Alright ni pic yang boleh nampak semua. Southwestern Eggroll, Wings Over Buffalo, and Chicken Crispers (macam chicken tender jugak la). Tiga-tiga ni ada jual individual jugak.
Price: Tripple Dipper RM 32.95 

Flame-Grilled Ribeye RM 55.95
Hmm. I really can't define any good or great steaks.. so I don't know how to define the taste of this ribeye. It's good but not to die for. The mashed potato is great though.

Beef Fajitas - RM 40.95
It tastes like a Malay cuisine. Haha. Maybe because of the onions. It's good but I won't repeat eating this for the second time.

The Beef Fajitas comes together with the salad and sauce and also the bread (I'm sorry I don't know what it is called). As we all know, fajitas is a Mexican dish but after eating this, I found that it tastes similar to Middle Eastern dish a.k.a makanan Arab. Lol

Jangan cakap hakak tak payung gambar tengah makan. Haha. Btw gambar ni dicontact oleh Chili's US official instagram asking permision to use this photo in any of their promotions secara percuma but I don't reply them. Haha. Ye, sy kedekut gambar. Haha

Cakk! After makan cari dessert so singgah la kejap dekat TOUS les JOURS ni. Tak tau nak try apa sebab tak pernah research lagi pasal apa yang special kat sini so just pilih yang ni. I can't remember the name and the price of this desser. Huhu

Okay... kecik je dessert ni sebenarnya.. kann.. huhu

This is my boyfie's. Not mine. Actually saya kurang menggemari air manis ye especially yang panas. Tak pernah habis 1 cup or 1 gelas pun if minum. Huhu

Ni acah-acah minum je. Haha. 1 sip pun tak sampai.

So.. kalau nak try makan boleh la check website . The great thing about Chili's ni Menu dorang di website ada exact photos with price sekali. Bagus2. Macam ni lah senang orang nak survey before makan kan? 

Monday, 14 September 2015

The Baker's Cottage Mooncake Giveaway By Ayuni Rafilah

Eh dalam kita tengah buat giveaway sendiri tiba-tiba terjumpa  giveaway best dari Ayuni RafilahSebab nya dia buat mooncake giveaway! Serious dah lama teringin nak makan mooncake tapi tak dapat2 sampai sekarang. So kita try luck lah kali ni. Walaupun bab-bab luck ni kita susah sikit nak lekat. Haha

Okay so this the giveaway that I'm talking about ya~~

GiveAway ni starts from 12th September until 21st September 2015 as stated in the banner. Syarat-syarat penyertaan pun simple sangat. Hopefully dapat la rasa mooncake from The Baker's Cottage! Haha

Last Call To Join Blog GiveAway To Win Baju Raya For AidilAdha!

Hey Hey Hey. Assalamualaikum!

Tik tok tik tok... hari ni last day of my first blog giveaway! Untuk yang nak join tapi belum join dan untuk yang baru tahu pasal giveaway ni... haa cepat2 join this giveaway right now! Senang je syarat2 nya. Close date today at 11.59pm.

Interested? Details dan syarat2 boleh tengok dekat entry ni ---> Dyana Hassan Blog GiveAway =)

Pemenang akan dipilih secara rawak. Depends on your luck dearies. Then after this giveaway ended, I will visit and follow each one of you yang participate in this giveaway.

Thank you all dan selamat mencuba! ^_^

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Korea Summer Trip Day 2 - Jumpa Abg Lee Min Ho!!

Hi Hello!

Gonna update about my day 2 in Korea, still in Daegu ya because this is the main reason why we're in Korea. Hehe! To join the festival and meeting Lee Min Ho in person! Woohoo!
To those who still didn't get the idea about my Korea Summer Trip, you can read it here Ke Korea Ke Kita Day 1. As usual, got a lotttt of pics to shout about. Let's!~ ^_^

Good Morning! Since the meat here is not halal, so salad and yogurt for my breakfast! =)

Our first thing to do after the breakfast, hiking at Apsan! OMG!

Local store alongside the trail

Finally we're here! Thank God. Haha

Now it's time to ride the cable car! Weheee ^_^

This is the price of the tickets. But of course we're riding it for free. Hehe! I love KyoChon!! =p

Me with the KyoChon Korea Team =)

Ouh sorry Mia, forgot to include you in the first photo. Lol. Now you're here!

We're up in the mountain in a split second! Haha. This is the trail heading to the peak of the mountain.

To the Mount Apsan we go!

We can see the city of Daegu here. Waaaa. What a nice view~~

Caakk! It's me! Hehe

Love Lock! I hope they're still together! Hehe

After having such a nice view, it's time to go but let's grab a cup of coffee!

Fresh and organic!

It's time to go. Thanks for the great coffee latte. It's yummy!

Now.. let me show you my school. Look, my school is damn famous. Got people taking photos every where. Hahaha

Hehe. Actually this is the school where Boys Over Flowers was filmed, where Gu Jun Pyo meets Geum Jan Di ;)

Now... it's time for... our lunch!!

We're getting hungry. Where's the restaurant? Huhu

We're here! I don't know the name of the restaurant but this one is exactly like Mr. Dakgalbi in Malaysia. Both tastes the same.

A bottle of cold water is a must in this hot summer weather.

Our seafood is here! 

We couldn't wait!

Radish cold soup. Resfreshing!


Let's mix the ingredients all together!

There is a choice of Ramen or Rice to mix together with the dish. My advice is just go with the ramen. It will taste better than the rice. =)

Hmmm.. can't wait!

Done cooking! 

Let's eat!

Look at the shrimp, octopus and mussel. Yummy!

Lunch - Checked! Where are we going after this?

It's 83 Tower =D

Let's experience a romantic sky garden. Hehe

Sky Garden! With the beautiful flowers~

Sky Station!~

Let's left some Love Message here =)

I love cafes ^_^

Photo station

Another view of Daegu!

The one that I marked in yellow is the stadium where the ChiMac Festival took place. It's the place of our main event!

We're here at the festival! This is the KyoChon booth. I'm not sure why the ahjummas and ahjussis were queuing up for.

With the life-sized Lee Min Ho! Hahaha

Okay, this is the stage for this evening event. The opening event of the ChiMac Festival 2015 and also a concert featuring Korean singers. EXID is on the list yo~

Are you ready for this? YESS!!! LOL

BIG BANG fans, I captured this T.O.P photo for you guys. Hahah

Backstage Trip

While waiting for the event to start, KyoChon TV Commercial being played and also there were traditional and modern performances.

Lee Min Ho. When will you be here?

Tadaaaa!! The A-List actor, Lee Min Ho is here!! Don't smile at me like that oppa. Hahah

Photo session

The event is officially started! Yeay~

After the event, we headed to KyoChon restaurant in Daegu for dinner! Sorry for the bad quality of photo. Huhu

Last but not least, there are the goodies that we received from the event and Lee Min Ho, Hehe.

Alright, day 2 is done! Wait for the another entry for my 3rd day in Korea. Till then! Chow~