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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Product Review: The Face Shop Enamel Coating Tint

Hi hi been missing for so long huh? Busy of raya and also on the 3rd raya I fly to Korea (South Korea of course) for KyoChon Korea Trip until 7th raya. Thank you so much KyoChon for the fully sponsored trip ^_^ . Will update about my Korea trip later on other entry. Right now I'm gonna do some review on a lip tint!

This is what I'm talking about! I didn't buy this at the actual store (The Face Shop), I bought this at the eMart (Korea supermarket). I saw this and after some thinking, why don't I just give it a try. Hmmph.

This is what stated at the back. Korean alphabets, cannot understand isn't it? Lol. But the code color is also stated there, which is 01 - Red Enamel. It comes with 2 colors I think because I saw this red color and also pink color. I was thinking which one is better and give a natural look so I go with this red color. Hmmph. (again)

Full photo of the packaging =)

Sorry that I don't provide any swatches photo. Will update later when I have it ;) So, let's take a look on how it looks on the lipzzz~

At first while applying this, I was being cautioned thinking the color might be so bright and unnatural. But as you can see ladiess.. the color is quite light. It's like a tinted lip balm color but in a better form.

The color looks so natural, right? Another tips is you can apply more at the inner part of the lip. If you watch Korean dramas then you will familiar with this style. Hehe

Tadaa! I'm ready to go out! Guess where am I going? Scroll down for the last picture~

So far, I'm just using this lip tint only once and I love it. But don't know yet whether the love will stay forever. Haha! But I think the pink one also will look nice as the color is really natural and looks natural on lips too. Hmmph (for the last time =p )

Till then!

p/s: Another cool stuff that I purchased at the eMart is The Face Shop Character Mask (Panda, Tiger and Fox). Can't wait to try them. Will do a review on them later! Hehe!~

I went to our Ex-Deputy Prime Minister (Bekas Timbalan Perdana Menteri Malaysia, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin) charity club's raya celebration. It's an honor to meet him, it's really sad, it's disheartening, it's disappointing that things like that happen to our country. I pray for his health and safety. He's a really a good leader. Btw, to the power authority, please don't ban my blog because of this wishes to him. Please show some humanity. Please, just a bit of it. Thank you.

p/s: jangan lupa sertai My First GiveAway Contest kalau nak menang set kurung untuk raya haji ni ;)