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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash - Me Got Invited!


Thank you sooo much NUFFNANG !! Love you so much! Well, yesterday an email from Nuffnang popped into my inbox saying that I got invited for Nuffnang's 6th Birthday Bash. Weeee~ I guess I'm so lucky! XD

I haven't decide yet what clothes I wanna wear, how I'm gonna do my hair, which whom I gonna go with. Since I can bring my partner along, I'm not sure who I should go with.*inilah masalah org takde boipren* Hurmmmm...well...... *pk sambil kunyah Skittles*..... Maybe I should ask my older brother to go together-gether, or maybe I just drag my friend a.k.a my lil brother. He's in need of socializing, perhaps he might find a new girlfriend there. Kihkih. =) *hopefully he doesn't has any show to do this weekend* . Another thing that I'm worry about is my facial skin.. ='( *hukhuk* My skin was badly damaged due to allergies of choosing the wrong product last 2 months and now my face is still full with acne scars. Adoii.. very depressing lah! Okay, okay don't let this problem spoil my mood.

To Nuffnangers, if you read this entry, please say hi to me. I just started blogging and I don't know any other Nuffnanger yet. Ouh, only Kak Sumi has dropped a comment to me the other day.  I hope to meet her soon, and other Nuffnangers as well ;)



  1. hehe.. saya ni rabun sikit, harap2 dapat laa cam akak..jumpa disana! =)