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Friday, 1 February 2013


Suddenly I feel like wanna write about CN Blue. Again, another updates of K-Entertainment. Hehe.. Btw, I am not a die hard fan of CN Blue and I don't even have any specific group that I am really obsessed with. Basically I will like them because of their music/songs. For me, CN Blue and Beast always come up with songs that suit my taste. I always adore their songs. Beast's ballad songs are totally the bomb! I maybe come up with Beast entry later later on as I like most of their music but today let me share about CN Blue first ;)

To those who don't know, CN Blue is not a pop band. So they are not in K-Pop genre. They are a rock band. So they are K-Rock maybe? hahah . They sang pop rock songs as well btw =D The band consists of 4 young men and even though they look matured and like a pro on stage, all of them are actually younger than me. *sad* . The lead vocalist, Jung Yong Hwa (he is also an actor) was born on the same year with me but still I'm older  =| Another interesting fact about them is that not only they can play instrument well, all of them can also sing well. Even the drummer can sing and has a soft sweet voice. Heartstrings drama OST "Star" was sung by him.

Alright enough, now I'll share some of CN Blue songs that I like. I think their music is creative and catchy ^_^

1. I'm a Loner - Sorry I couldn't find any live performing video of this song that has english subtitle -_-
2. Love 
3. Love Girl - sweet catchy song ^_^
4. I'm Sorry - This is their latest song released on January this year. Cool song.

Of course there are other nice songs by them but I guess I've shared enough already. Lasly, introducing CN Blue's new label mate, Juniel. She was debuted last year. She's cute, talented, n can play guitar well. Just like her seniors, CN Blue n FT Island. Take a look at her acoustic live~
Juniel - Bad Man


  1. WOw, thank's for you to write about CNBLUE. i'm really a big fan from them. I really love all the songs from CNBLUE. and I hope they come as soon as posible to my country

    *sorry,my english is not good :)

    1. It's ok honey. Your english is good, I clearly understand your writing =) . I'm not that excellent in English as well. Yes, CNBlue is a truly talented band. No doubt. They have so many great songs! You must be proud being their big fan! They came to my country last January for Golden Disk Award 2013 and Yong Hwa was the MC for that event, together with Nicole KARA. But I didn't go to the event. Hehe.

      Thank for reading and leaving your comment here. Where are you from? I hope they will come to your country and you'll be able to meet them sooonnn.. ok? ;)

  2. I'm from Indonesia. Yes, they came to you'r country last month. I've watched all their dramas. and I really love Yonghwa, because he's the best songwriter. he created many songs for CNBLUE and his dongsaeng.

    i'm really happy to share about cnblue with you

  3. I also think that Yonghwa is soo cool! The first drama of him that I watched was "You're Beautiful" I guess. I like his character in that drama, I hate Jang Geun Suk..hehe. Then I watched "Heartstrings". Is there any other Yonghwa's drama that I've missed? I also like his appearance in Running Man, if he can be a new RM fixed member, then it would be better XD

    I'm happy too..for being able to share something interesting with a new friend. ;)